My Actual Birthday in Melbourne (Day 2)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy weekend everyone! 
I love the weekends, its truly a day where I sleep in without a care in the world - (but that usually means Im awake at 8.30am even on a Saturday coz old people like me wake up early - my dog life) and be awaken with the husband next to me. Usually he's up to go to work on the weekdays, and on Sundays we head to church in the morning so yes.. Saturday is kinda like a routine to sleep in til brunch. Or rather, be awake but refuse to badge off the bed til late morning at least. 
I miss those days where I climb into bed at 7am, and only wake up for dinner.
Those days were fun, reckless and totally irresponsible. 
But how I relish that life! 
Soon, it was alarm clocks and schedules - flying off to destinations that I have never been before. And have many times woke up in a country I cant remember for a moment coz I thought I was at home. #truestory.
Then I met the love of my life and found somewhat of a normal 'dating' routine like what other couples do. We partied, drank (alot) of alcohol and had the most smashing times with our friends but over the years it seemed like we all got caught up with commitments, with work (and age) so we stopped the hard partying and turned to having proper dinners with friends and chilling out at bars instead. Now at 30, I feel like I've been through the best years of my life ... but have a strange feeling that maybe the best have yet to come. :)
My Actual Birthday 30/11/2012 
Melbourne morning
We headed to Sharksfin Inn in Chinatown for dim sum breakfast!
Its an extremely popular dining place with the locals and asians alike, coz the food is rather authentic and one of the more well-known dim sum places in the Chinatown.
And yes.. we still do see the trolley lady here!
Took a walk in the city
And I went shopping! Haiyo but I tell u the clothes there are so expensive. One dress, Aud $59.90! Crazy or what. Buy online half price only.
Man on the street
Dual motion
Found this really interesting busker! Singing at the railway station 
We slowly headed back to our hotel 
It was barely 4pm but I guess being a Friday.. the aussies are all out in full force for Happy Hour!
Dynamic singing by this lady! And she's pretty too!
Soon we got changed and chose a restaurant at Crown for my birthday dinner!!!!
A glass to kick off the celebrations!
Cheers to turning 30, yo!
It was a lovely windy evening so we took a seat outside al fresco 
It was actually around 7pm but being summer, it was still all bright!
My hubby :D
My lobster entree was fabulous! It looked great!
Instagram-ing lol. 
Hubs had the steak and it was pretty good too!
Half way through dinner and the fire started! It was as entertaining as ever, as people walking along the streets stopped to take pictures and children got all excited with the display of the sea of flames in the air!
It was a great, great simply birthday dinner and I had a ball of time with my other half that night.
Thank you once again for the wishes and love! xx
Leaving you with my instagram picture from that night!
It was the tv, a gossip magazine and an orange box :)
And thats what marriage does to you. 
But hell yeah, I will never trade it for the world.

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  1. Foods in Shark Fin house look really delicious....
    I must also say that you do have a good fashion sense.


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