The Second Day in Penang

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hello everyone! Am in Melbourne now but dun think I forget to blog ok. See i so sweet still wait so long for the stupid internet connection to load all my pictures here. I better not complain about my connection at home, here worse. Luckily comes free with my room, if not I sure dun pay Aud$24.99 for such crap connection. Talking about money, everything here super expensive. Its been about 6 years since I came Melbourne on holiday with the hubs (then boyfriend) and about 2 years since I came here for work. And everythingggg sooo expensive! Coke costs Aud $2.80, wine is Aud $5, try to beat that. No wonder aussies drink alcohol like drinking coke. Every night we're drinking a bottle of great sparkling wine and its only like, Aud $60! In a fine-dining restaurant, no less! Would have cost us 2x as much back home. But ... sigh Im missing my teh si kosong already. And butter toast. :(
Penang Day 2
Talking about a traditional breakfast .. Penang was heaven!
Here's our view of the hotel in the morning 
Got up bright and early to go out!
We're heading to GT's hometown in Kedai (a river across from Penang)
So we took a FERRY!
Cars and motorists queue up to park in the ferry
And here we are!
At (one of) GT's family-owned kopitiams in Kedai!
Super traditional and retro
Its such a lazy morning, with people (mostly retirees) having a cuppa coffee and some breakfast reading the papers in the kopitiam along with us
Curry noodles! Yum lor!
Diane & GT
Al u like the char kway teow right :D
Walked over to another kopitiam for pay GT's uncles a visit
A look in the kopitiam
Notice the thermos flask!
An off to another kopitiam!
Da bomb kaya toast n teh si kosong that GT's daddy Uncle Tew specially did for me!!! Awww super touched can!
Really very very yummy - Ya kun no fight please
I cant even remember what we did but the next thing I know ... it was DINNER! Homecooked by GT's Thai auntie, we had a great feast that night! Steamed fish thai-style, stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken and the star of the night : Wild boar curry !!!! Wah lau really very chewy and different from normal pork!
Thank you the Tews for the hospitality! 
Back to Penang and to our hotel... there was a wedding going on!
The staff also kindly shown us around the hotel, telling us about the history of the place and about the paintings and antiques in each room. Here's the Grand Suite. It was soooo beautiful, the pictures dun even do justice to the place.
Imagine staying here for a night!
It was huge and I think the toilet with Jacuzzi can put 20 people inside.
We headed to supper soon after!
Love love roadside stalls!
The food is usually fantastic at roadside stalls! Dunno why hor!
Best Wanton mee ever!
Had so much fun on this short trip with our friends!
Cheers guys!
And went back to pack and prepare to go home the next morning ...
The next day
Hello Silkair and home we go!
It was a short flight but I had a baby infront of us! N she was soooo cute!
I played peek a boo with her the whole time!
Hee! Good bye everyone! Need to run off already!
Hope u enjoyed the post! I'll try to post soon while in Melbourne xoxo
Peace out :)

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