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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello everyone!
For those who follow me in FacebookTwitter, or Instagram should know that I was previously away on a short holiday with friends to PENANG!
Day 1
Erm good morning GT 
We arrived bright and early to start our day in Penang town! Yay!
Will blog for food
Before we checked into our hotel, we stopped by the small alley to have some traditional kaya toast breakfast 
They are still using charcoal to toast bread! 
Water boiling at the top.. then below for bread!
No wonder the toast here is soooo yummy ~
Our friends and Uncle Tew (GT's daddy)!
Someone say photobomb?
On the way to check in. 
(No, we didnt take a rickshaw there)
Forgot to take a shot of our hotel, so here's a file picture I stole off the web :p
Its called the Chong Tian 1881 hotel - a heritage hotel that (I think!) used to be a brothel! Hahaha!
But now totally revamped and look like museum! 
This is the lobby!
So niceeeee!
Another 'side' of the lobby
Going up to our rooms!
Our humble abode for the night! 
What do u think of my CLOGS? Fashion statement not.
Perfect for 2 nights :)
Off we went for MORE FOOD!
"What time only? Eat again?" says uncle on the street
I used to see all the mama stalls around my estate put up magazines like that when I was growing up. Why now no more already? 
Met up with GT's cousin here for second round of eating!
Guess what we having
Char kway teowwwwwww extra hum~
Rojak was ok only
This sour plum drink was da bomb! Thirst quenching and very nice for the hot weather!Did I tell u about the weather yet............ :(
After the cholesterol-laden meal ...
Went to buy Penang's most popular sesame oil!
We bought a carton back 
Then more shopping!
Phog piah damn nice I tell u. Made freshly everyday one!
Then we go and buy soya sauce
Retro leh!
I miss buying those biscuits from tins!
Last time my mummy will bring me go market and choose what I want then the uncle will weight on weighing machine and put in plastic bag! Then bring go school eat.
I super HOT so ran into the van and get some aircon.
While our friends was visiting temples... i saw this!
Wah drink coconut sure sounds like a great idea in this heat man
Then off we went for sightseeing!
One of Penang's famous wall painting!
Done by a very talented ang moh no less! His Facebook : Here
“Reaching Up” Mural, Cannon Street, George Town, Penang
We headed to Penang's Khoo Kongsi right after!
Khoo Kongsi is a large Chinese clanhouse with elaborate and highly ornamented architecture, a mark of the dominant presence of the Chinese in Penang, Malaysia. The famous Khoo Kongsi is the grandest clan temple in the country. It is also one of the city's major historic attraction.
Its also a mini museum 
Its such a majestic looking place!
We also dropped by the Penang Peranakan Mansion!
At the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the typical home of a rich Baba of a century ago is recreated to offer a glimpse of their opulent lifestyle and of their many customs and traditions. With over 1,000 pieces of antiques and collectibles of the era on display, this Baba-Nyonya museum is also housed in one of Penang’s heritage mansion of eclectic design and architecture. 
Pretend to play Cherki card game! (What is Cherki?)
I've seen my grand-aunties n maternal family play this game before... but I never understood how its played.
Peranakan family portraits on the wall
Kasut Manek (Beaded shoes)
Note the lovely tiles on the floor 
Lets head up!
Display of Sarong Kebayas
On the second floor
Pretending to cook in the huge kitchen!
And ended the visit with a small dessert : Chendooool!
Went to George Town
We took a short stroll along the street
Which way to go?
Another wall mural!
Then to Chew Jetty Village!
A Clan Jetty is actually a village built on stilts and these were built by some pioneer Chinese immigrants.
There's a temple and several small businesses which operate from the actual homes of the villagers! Very interesting.
Oppa Penang Style?
And another wall mural!!!
Its kinda like a kelong, but imagine the whole village built on stilts! 
This uncle damn rocker. His house next door was blasting techno music while his fisherman friends was simply cutting up fish outside his house!
Ok need some chendol
This chendol is super famous!
Dinner time!
We drove to the seaside for a thai style seafood dinner!
Our friends Adel & Calvin joined us for dinner since they are in Penang too! :)
Lastly.. back to hotel
For drinks!
We actually sat at the lobby for our nightcap!
The ambiance was FABULOUS!
And so was the company!!!! 
Love u all! It was ALOT OF FUN! xoxo
Thus with champagne .. we ended our Day 1 in Penang!
Will be back with moreeee but tomorrow I'll be flying off for a holiday so have a great weekend everyone!
Turning 3-0 is a huge milestone for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my 20s and sometimes wonder," Where the hell did all the time go?" Its a journey of twists and up & downs but never will I change anything for the world. :)
Looking forward to spending another 30 (and more!) fabulous years with all my family & friends and thank you everyone for the support here too! And seeing me through heartbreaks, career changes, friends, marriage and everything I've written down here in this small space. For that, I thank you all. xoxo.
Sorry for the late n backdated posts but I'll try to catch up soon!

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