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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Some years ago, a super sweet lady emailed me to tell me that she really loved reading my blog and could I choose something from her humble online store and do an advert for her. Fast forward to Oct 2012 and this humble online shop was not only one of my first few sponsors,- the lady in this story turned her hobby into a full-time venture with not one, but TWO retail shops now. :)
“Follow your heart and your dreams will come true.” - Anonymous
Welcome to the LoveMi Shop - where dreams really come true.
Door gifts for every guest
A special cocktail drink specially for the event! 
Too cute these bottles!
And with a cute bartender too! :p
A LoveMi party is never without bubbly! (This I can personally attest to, keke)
With my pretty friend Renzze who was supposed to do coffee with me but we ended up sipping cocktails at the party though! LOL
And my Black Satin Top that day was a LoveMi label too!
Pretty pretty emcee for the day! Porsche babe! YUSO cute one!
Lets head in!
Poster on the walls
Clothes sold here can be found on the website HERE too!
Maxis are my favourite dresses! 
I spy I spy something that Im gonna BUY!
Very serious business okie. Haha!
Finger food going around for all
And the cutest pastries too!
We ate some and sipped drinks! :D
Yums! And looked at clothes! 
Did someone say CAKE? :D
So pretty Porsche the emcee came over the mic and lets start the show!
Bloggers, friends and media 
Introducing the most gorgeous lady boss .. Ber! 
Wonderful aspiring speech my dear! *clap clap*
Famous stylist Lionel Lim was also invited to be a guest speaker that day to teach us abit about the latest fashion and to provide tips for each body type with the most flattering choice of clothes.
And who else is perfect to be the spokesperson for her very own brand? 
Yes! Lady boss Ber herself!
This is the Multiway Halter Maxi in Grey $48/- that can be worn in different ways!
Lionel then continued to talk about the clothes that could be found in the store and can u believe that he is wearing a DRESS from LoveMi but he turned it into a vest! Amazing right!
Shoppers immediately trying it on! LOL
You can find it : Collared Smart Wear (Here!) $58/-
Lets continue with the pretty model!
A vest will change the look of your clothes easily from office to party 
And we can turn this Hi-Low skirt around for a different look too!
After all the great tips, we also had the opportunity to take pictures with the man himself, Lionel!
Karen & Lionel (I still cant believe thats a dress wtf)
We were also given $40 shop vouchers that day in the gift bag which we immediately intended to use!
Lionel was pretty sweet to help Karen with the dress too! 
But alas, Karen's too petite!
I tried on the Multiway Maxi Turquoise and I really loved it!
Do u think its nice?
So I used my voucher for one dress and bought another one! LOL *shopaholic*
Karen got a really nice bodysuit and I hope she'll wear it and show u all soon!
And me! 
Happy girl that day!
Thank you my dearest Ber and LoveMi Shop for the fabulous day with Renzze and we really had fun with the shopping too! xoxo
Back soon :)
 “If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” 
- William Arthur Ward
Im so proud of you, Ber. 
Online : LoveMi Shop
Retail Shops
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel: 66940911
Operating Hours
10am to 10pm Daily
Love Mi Boutique
14 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089121
Tel: 6221 2962
Operating Hours
1130am to 9pm - Mon to Sat
12pm to 9pm - Sundays

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