Catalunya with the girls

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some time ago, I met up with my girl friends Cin and Char for drinks and dinner at Catalunya - a Northeastern Spanish restaurant that serves tapas with a view of the MBS skyline.
From the outside, it resembles a nondescript dome in the midst of water but upon walking in ... its a rather magical place of its own!
The windows were full length and peering out, I could see the lovely view of the marina.
My wonderful friends! xo
Cantalunya serves a variety of cocktails that will please any self-respecting alcoholic 
(Read : me)
I had one of their popular drinks called Stairway to Heaven!
But the star of the night has to be the Spanish Suckling Pig - a young piglet that is roasted to perfection.
3 excited little piglets! 
The service staff will proceed to use a white ceramic plate to cut up the dish, - which is actually a rather traditional Spanish way of telling you that the pork meat is so tender and soft that you can 'carve it with a plate'.
Very fast and deft movements!
We all looked on in anticipation and there was alot of 'Oooh-oooh-ahh-ing' going on our table and the onlookers next to us! LOL
They recommend it for 2-3 people .. but I tell u! We couldnt finish it even with a party of 5.
It was a lovely dinner and a really nice catch-up with friends! 
We adjourned to a sake bar nearby for more drinks and I miss those girls already. 
Happy birthday dearest Cindy whose turning xx tomorrow (ahaha I never say hor!) and I'll see u very soon after your holiday trip .. love u! Hope u have a great time in Norway!
Happy birthday to my BFF ah ong today and my good friend June whose birthday is tomorrow! All these June babies going to make me so broke(and fat!) this month but most importantly .. I wish all of you health and happiness, forever! Cya soon!
Wore my Louisa Tutu Dress out that evening and I love the sexy back! Its so cute yet pretty at the same time with the purple pink motifs on the front and back.
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Additionally, I love this Lavender Dreams Purple Ribbon back! 
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Happy shopping xo
Back soon!

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