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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Backdated Post] Hello everyone! Im so sorry to have gone missing-in-action for a little while .. was really busy babysitting my friend's daughter over the weekend and I have a new hobby too! Watching Chinese drama Legend of Zeng Huan 后宫甄嬛传and its sooooo ADDICTIVE. I actually dug out my old laptop so I could watch the show and write this post at the same time! ROFL. The Ipad/Iphone doesnt have flashplayer so I couldn't watch it on Ipad.. 
Any kind suggestions? Hmmm.
Anyways! I really want to show you my Hello Kitty nails from Milly's that I did recently!
Milly's Hair.Lashes.Nails.
For shop directions, you can check out my previous post : here
Located at Bugis Village, Mily's has been my nail sponsor for some time now and I never get disappointed with my nail designs EVERY single visit .. !#sayrealone
What design shall I do today ............
For single color Gelish nails  - there's a $20 Gelish Promotion.
But if you (like me..!) prefer nail designs .. there is a *NEW* June promotion that is valid until 30th June! Simply book your appointment with the words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLYS" and you are entitled to 20% discount for all nail designs! Valid through appointments only.
A look at the Nail Designs available.
Then my eyes lit up ..................
The LATEST Hello Kitty designs .......... zomggggg
Which design did I choose???
 Read on ...!
Milly's does hair extensions too if you are interested..!
And pony colors if you dun wanna dye your hair!
Or how about Eyelash Extensions?
Great for travel or lazy days that you wanna go without makeup!
Back to my nails ....... kekeke.
A look at my 4 Week Old nails ... Still quite perfect!
They are my natural nails, with Gelish. No chips or splits. Can you imagine. I got so irritated whenever my nails broke previously coz its so time consuming to repair the broken nail when the rest of the nails are fine! Seriously, who has the time! But ever since I've been with Milly's - my nails really LAST! For that alone, thumbs up.
And my pedicure ~
These lasted roughly around 8 weeks .. with a small chip on my toe toe. And these are normal nail polish .. not even Gelish!
Pictures dun lie!
Here's me ...
Looking at the color chart! 
An array of pretty colors to choose from.
Let's START!
Soaking off my old Gelish nails
My nail technician filing it off
Trimming dry skin and cuticle cutting. 
(Please dun try to cut your own cuticles at home! You might cut yourself!)
Every layer of Gelish and color has to be 'cured' under UV light.
First few layers done ..........
Drawing the french tips
Painstakingly ALL hand-painted!
Finally ...
Hello Kitty Nails by Millys
Love them sooooo much!
Not too kiddy.. yet still super KAWAII cute max!
Thank you Milly's and nail technician Corine ~ loves.
Part 2
My Favorite Buys in Bugis
I wanted to show why I love Bugis so much! 
All the cheap SHOPPING and great buys!
The shops here are small but there is air-con at most floors and I love how unique and interesting each shop is. Quite different from what we find in shopping malls. And at a fraction of the price, too!
The products here are mostly value for money, and very chic and fashionable.
I always end up shopping after doing my nails! 
(And hair too coz my hair salon is also at Bugis! Yay-ness!)
I love the retro look too!
And skulls ........ my favorite!
This is one of my favorite shops in Bugis and I get alot of my rock t-shirts here. Their stuff are quite trendy and they always have a 2 for $20 promo which is really quite cheap! I dunno the exact address but its at the new wing of Bugis Village and its on the 3rd floor.
If you are also interested to know where I get my cheap trucker caps, this shop at main level 1 n- very near the entrance of Bugis Village is also my favorite! They always have lots of new designs and each cap cost around $12.50 which is the cheapest in Bugis Village after all the sourcing I went through! Some shops quote me $25 and thats nearly double of what I pay here. So do take a look the next time you drop by, ya! Dun let people carrot chop. 
In the end .............
Ya lor ...... 
And I bought these that day!
These are my favorite cheap buys and I wear them all the time!
Hope you enjoyed this post and take care y'all! Stay indoors if the haze is getting to you. 
Or perhaps can watch Legend Of Zeng Huan online like me ..... kekeke.
Thanks for dropping by!
And thank you dearest Milly's for my lovely Hello Kitty Nails!
Love them xxxx
Off for dinner soon and replying emails!
For more information, please head to :
Milly's Website : http://www.millys.org/
Milly's Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Millys.Hair.Lashes.Nails

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  1. Oh I love Zhen Huan Zhuan too!! 76 episodes. You will definitely be hooked more so as you watch on! Why, I almost smash my laptop when it got stucked at episode 50+. Lol enjoy!

  2. You can watch zhen huan on this website sugoideas.com, just click on the link at the right side. I watched the entire series through my iPhone ^^


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