Day out at O'Nine Pure Gel Workshop

Monday, June 03, 2013

[Event] Hi everyone! As promised, I'll be updating more frequently these days :) 
Here's a look at a recent event : The O'Nine Pure Gel Workshop which was held at Amara Hotel.
I do Gelish pretty often, so I was intrigued by the promise of an Odorless or Extremely low odor and nonflammable Gelish system called O'Nine Pure Gel. It is Safe, Healthy and Environmentally-friendly, with No filing system, No damage to natural nails and can be Cured in both LED and UV lamps.
As seen in various magazines reports
● Medium viscosity, self-leveling, and easily apply.
● Has extraordinary covering power and brightness.
● Delivers flawless results and lasts for 3 to 4 weeks.
● Cure 2 minutes (UV) or 30 seconds (LED).
● Pure, pearl and glitter type, over 200 colors to choose from.
The colors promise to only need One-Layer of covering power - hence there is no need to use 2-3 coats as with most normal nail polish or with the current gelish brands on the market.
We were spoilt for choice!
With my lovely friends!
And I saw my fellow Watson's ambassadors too!
I miss Verlyn's smurf hair! LOLOLOL
There was a Live Demo by O'Nine's Nail Technician
And an array of nail designs for inspiration!
I really like this set most
More floral designs 
Hello Karen! 
Let the painting begin!
We had the opportunity to paint our nails with any chosen color from the O'Nine Pure Gel system and here's Maybeline with her nude nails.
I got hungry looking at Herine's Pea Carrot Corn nails ~ hahaha!
And we need to 'cure' it before its done!
I have Gelish on my nails, so I just freshen my manicure with a top layer of clear gel.
Trying it out 
I like these two colors! The blue especially!
Overall Review : There was really almost no odor from the O'Nine Pure Gel System. Most importantly, there is no need to file the nails as compared to traditional gel methods, hence great for beginners and is time-saving. However, I think you need to be rather deft to evenly coat fingertips on both hands. Or better still, maybe u can get your family to help you out! Haha! I had problems with my right hand (as Im right-handed). But the quick 'cure' was a bonus, and I was done in no time.
Will I recommend it?
Yes - Only if you have prior experience in nails and would love to save money in the long-term by doing your own nails at home. If not, I would rather head to the nail salon and get my nails done professionally. 
For more info, please head to :
Tea break time!
Coffee coffee coffee
A picture with my beautiful girls!
And here's my good friends Verlyn and Herine! 
Group picture yeah!
Thanks for looking!
Im off to yoga - will be back later for another post!
Take care dear all!

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