Dinner with the girls at Moojaa

Thursday, June 06, 2013

[Backdated post] Happy Thursday guys! 
Many moons ago, my friend Karen invited the girls for dinner at Moojaa - Thai Mookata, at Keong Siak road and I was pretty excited coz I've had Mookata experience with my girlfriends at Golden Mile before and I remember it being extremely fun! 
But first .. 
What is Mookata?
'Mookata' literally means “pork skillet” in Thai language and it also refers to the special cooking method to enjoy BBQ and steamboat at the same time.
We had the privacy of the private room that evening and its great coz we tend to talk a lot and laugh LOUDLY! Hahaha! So its good foresight of the restaurant to get us a room by ourselves before we scare the rest of the customers away ba..!
Company for the night!
Lets start dinner soon .. I'm starving!
Moojaa uses white charcoal instead of the normal 'black' charcoal as this type of charcoal will not produce the typical black soot after burning. I personally use this for BBQ at home so I know that its quite expensive! LOL. But healthier!!
The UFO appears!
The girls ordered a variety of seafood, meat and veg to share.
Everything looked fresh!
We kicked off the meal with some traditional Thai Iced tea (super yummy) and refreshing Lemongrass drink. I can't take caffeine at night lest I can't sleep so I had the Lemongrass all night but I tried the Thai Iced Tea and it was reminiscent of the ones I had in Bangkok.
The great thing about Moojaa is that the wait staff will proactively BBQ the food for you, somewhat like the Korean BBQ restaurants that I frequent. 
Left to my own devices ... I shall attempt to COOK too! 
(Obviously Karen is not interested in seeing me cook ~ le sigh! Haha! Karen I cook for u kkk)
My fellow chefs (act only) 
Great time chatting to Karen!
And Herine & I at the peak of our cap frenzy .. we almost wore caps everywhere!
Tseling (not in pictures) came slightly later and we ordered more food to share!
I love anything with Basil and I found this rather good.
Continuing the feast and thank you Tseling for cooking for me too! 
Satisfied, full and happy ... Ver & Herine ordered drinks to end dinner! 
Thanks for the great company babes! 
It was alot of fun that evening talking and eating non-stop!
Overall Review : I like the how clean the place was, from the food quality to the restrooms - it was a pleasant experience. The soup broth was commendable, it was light and tasty especially after having all the 'heavy' BBQ meat. Food portions are value-for-money, and in overall I felt that the prices here are quite reasonable. I particularly liked the cheese balls and the pork belly and would order it again if I ever decide to head back to Moojaa. Unfortunately we didnt get to try any desserts as it was unavailable that day so that was a real bummer for me.  
Will I recommend it?
Yes, if you have a craving for Mookata in a clean, non-smoky environment. I recommend it for group outings, casual dinners with friends and family. However I would advise you to make a reservation and do call in advance in case you get disappointed. Parking might be tricky and please remember to put parking coupon too!
Thanks for looking! Its Friday tomorrow! Yay! 
*The above experience was a sponsored food-tasting, but all opinions expressed belongs to the author.
Bye guys! xoxoxoxo
For more information, please head to 
Moojaa Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MooJaa.sg
A look at what happened while waiting for Karen & the rest to arrive!
We reached slightly earlier .. and look what was directly opposite Moojaa!
LoveMiShop's pretty lady boss and my good friend, Ber!
But er ........
Hahahaha ~ how to RESIST shopping arh u tell me??????
This was the day I bought my Camouflage pants and have been wearing it to death! 
So it was a really fun day! Eat, talk, shop! xxoxoxo  
For more info, please head to :
LoveMi Shop Website : http://www.lovemishop.com/
LoveMi Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/LoveMiShop

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