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Monday, June 03, 2013

[Event] Hi everyone! 
My hubby's out for Happy Hour at the moment so I have the luxury to finish up my "3-Event-in-One-Day" post .. hehehe! Thats why you see me in the same dress x3 posts in a row! But dun worry! This was the last event and it was alot of fun! 
LINE Media Event 
Line is a instant messaging application for smartphones and PCs. 
In addition to basic messaging, Line users can send each other images, video, audio media messages and make free VoIP calls.
The moment we got there .. we were greeted by the LINE mascots!
If you're like me - an avid LINE user .. Im pretty sure that you have seen these characters before! Ain't they the cutest emojis ever! 
"One feature of Line is the Sticker Shop where users are able to purchase virtual stickers depicting original and well-known characters.Users are able to purchase stickers as gifts. Purchased stickers are attached to an account and can be used on other platforms. Stickers are only available for download to users on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. New stickers are released weekly. Some stickers are released only for a limited time and are usually in commemoration of events"
Held at Kinki in Customs House , - my friend Karen extended the invite to me so we headed down right together after our O'Nine Pure Gel workshop : (See previous post)
Lets head in ..!
Can't resist asking Karen to take picture with Moon! 
Soooo cute!
They are sooooo funny!
And the kind people at LINE prepared soft toys for each guest!
I saw my LINE double (look below)
We mingled with the mascots and tried to talk to them ~ ahahha! 
Obviously they can't answer us but we had fun disturbing them ..! LOL
More pics.......
Soon we took our seats and speaker of the day - Mr Jinny from Korea, Manager of Global LINE Business Office, explained the LINE vision to us. 
LINE - The most downloaded app in over 40 countries, a global messaging service loved in over 230 countries worldwide is now embarking on the 2nd phrase of its expansion plan after its initial rapid phrase of organic growth. As a pioneer of new mobile services - LINE now includes LINE Games, LINE Play, LINE Camera and now - LINE PLUS.
Right after the introduction, we adjourned upstairs to the Kinki Outdoor Bar upstairs.
Let the fun begin!
Its my first time at Kinki!
We took a lift up and the moment I walked out .. I was greeted by this view!
My fun company that evening, together with Mr Jinny.
Met up with HongPeng there and we had a great time chit-chatting over free flow drinks!
And the food ...
Dun let me get started on the food!
They were literally stuffing us silly!
I had dinner plans with my hubby but I couldn't resist trying out the food at Kinki!
Then the MUSIC came on ...
And our LINE 'entertainers' danced the evening away! Too cute!
Sweetie Rachie came by after work  .. just in time to join us for girly chats over drinks!
And before I left .. I wanted to take my soft toy and look what I saw at our table.
Why so many ah hehehehe
Had a fun catch-up with my blogger friends! Thank you LINE for the lovely time too!
LINE is now available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone.
For more information, please head to :
LINE Webpage :
Facebook Page :
Im on LINE too and I personally love love love the LINE CAMERA! I use it on my instagram photos all the time and its a real hoot! Most of the stickers seen in my pictures and blog are from LINE and you can download them into your smartphone, too! I love my Hello Kitty ones! 
*Price varies.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
From my instagram!
Bye bye! 
Off to bed now ~ Good nite!

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  1. Hello, may I know how you use line sticker on blog?
    I can't seems to do it.. >_<

  2. Hello Audrey! I downloaded the pictures individually from a LINE website but unfortunately (Im not sure why) but the website does not allow downloads now :(


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