Goodskin Lab BB10 Instant Skin Perfector Review

Monday, June 10, 2013

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Hi guys! 
Recently I received the Goodskin Lab BB10 Instant Skin Perfector SPF 35 (what a mouthful of a name! Haha!) and having tried the Goodskin Lab TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Eyecare range, I was pretty eager to test this out for a review.
First Impressions 
The box and packaging looks pretty much like their eyecare range, and I like the fine tube dispenser. 30ml is a great size for a BB cream, its not too much as a little usually goes a long way and you can add more to build up the coverage. It has SPF 35 which is a good, adequate amount for a BB cream.
Most importantly - this BB10 Instant Skin Perfector also promises to not only to smooth skin upon application, it also targets to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with regular use.
I also like the Lilac color on the tube lol
I don't normally skip sunscreen before I apply my makeup, but the Goodskin Lab BB10 cream has SPF 35 and it does provide good sun protection so I used it after applying my moisturizer. Here I have applied some on my hand for a quick swatch for you to look and compare the color.
As it only comes in one shade, I was slightly apprehensive the color at first as Im pretty tanned - but it was light and I could easily blend it in with my skin tone.
It mattifies when I started to smooth it out, which is great for the local weather.
My skin is evenly-toned and feels smooth to the touch.
Putting it to the test
I applied it around 6 hours ago and it did not oxidize much even when the weather was scorching. I did not need to touch up often, (only once during 6 hours) - something which I was really glad with. 
Overall Review : The sales assistant told me that this BB10 was one of their top-sellers and I could easily see why. Based on the ingredient list, this BB cream does not fall short. In addition, it was actually quite a breeze to apply and I like how light it felt on my skin. I am currently trying not to use liquid foundations/creams but this felt more like its between a sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer. The coverage is average, I still had to use concealer under my dark eye circles - but it did made my skin feel matte and smooth. 
Will I recommend it?
If you are looking for an anti-aging (there aren't alot in the market) BB cream and you have rather good skin, then this is great for you. It works well with oily or combination skin and does not oxidize easily. I like that this has a high SPF so great for lazy girls who would like to skip sunscreen. You can use this directly over moisturizer and it works as well. This covers minor blemishes and smooths out skin tone but I would still recommend that you use a light dusting of mineral powder over it. I do like using this and I alternate this with my other BB creams.
Disclaimer : Item is sponsored but all opinions expressed are honest & author has not been paid to post a review.
Thank you for looking and I'll be back tomorrow!
Been keeping to my promise of more exercise, less meat, more water and its been going great! In addition, I've not been going for events these days and I do need to clear current backdated posts and backlogged reviews .. tee hee! Its the June holidays and the last thing I wanna do is to go out and squeeze with people! Looking forward to Beerfest this weekend and hopefully its be a blast! Praying for good weather too, keke. Anyone going, too? Cya there!
Off to read my yoga magazine on my ipad now! I've subscribed all my magazines on the ipad and I love how paper-free Im going! I hated clearing out my stacks of magazines and can you imagine the karang guni man tells me that he doesnt want my magazines but he wants newspapers ..??? So glad that I dun have to deal with that anymore! 
What magazines do you read? :)
So I digress. 
Take care, got to go!
The above product is available at all Sasa stores in Singapore.
For more information, please head to :
Goodskin Lab Website :
Sasa Singapore Facebook Page :

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