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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Backdated Review] Hello everyone! 
This is really a backdated post and perhaps you might have already heard about GreedyChimp .. but here's a look of my loot delivered to me a couple of weeks back!
But first ....
What is GreedyChimp?
Similar to beauty boxes, the GreedyChimp motto is to scour the land, surprise you every month with irresistibly tasty bites that cannot be found easily elsewhere! A land of unconventional, yummy and addictive snacks! The best thing is - you get to share the loot. 
GreedyChimp delivers right to your doorstep every month and each bag is a cute recyclable snack bag that you could bring it out with you for parties or picnics alike.
Lets see what's in my bag!
Opening the delivery is a lot of fun  ....
First Impressions : The bag was cute and I found it rather fun for the whole family as compared to receiving say, a Beauty box. This would be a hit with both the young and old alike and we could share the snacks (and calories!) with everyone at home.
And I saw chocolate hahahaha
Here's a clearer pic of all the snack items that I received.
Overall Review : I dun eat much snacks .. so the husband was the one happy guy! As I opened my GreedyChimp bag, he excitedly took my Mamee Rice Sticks and promptly proclaimed ownership. He also loved the Kiwa Plantain Chips .. something that I used to eat during my childhood but haven't really seen those around since! I had a taste of the Planet Popcorn and a bite of the chocolate bar and that was it. The Impact Fresh Mints was a great size to keep in my bag to freshen my breath when Im outside but that was about all. My husband ate everything else and the last I checked, he bought a whole bag of Mamee from the supermarket after this stash run out. Oh well.
Will I recommend it?
Only if you really, really, really like snacks.
Greedy Chimp subscribers can choose the following billing cycles to be billed. 
- Monthly at $14.90 
- Quarterly (3 monthly) at $44.70 (Comes with a secret gift)
- Annually (12 months) at $178.80 ( Comes with a secret gift + free 01 month)
All subscribers will be billed on the 4th of each month to receive Loots of snack surprises.
For more information, please head to :
GreedyChimp Website :
GreedyChimp Facebook Page :
Thanks for the experience, GreedyChimp!
Another new post coming up soon ~ 
Back later! 
Off to dinner first  :)

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