How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello guys! A quick post today ~ keke.
How often do you wash your dirty makeup brushes?
Weekly? Bi-weekly?
Never .. ?
If you have acne-prone skin, I recommend washing your brushes and sponges daily or at least, 3x a week to prevent bacterial growth and cross-contamination. Or use disposable sponges if possible. However, this is such a real time consuming practice .. I know! 
I personally wash my most regular brushes weekly and here's a quick tip : Bring it in the shower with you. Dry it at night so that you can use it the next morning.
For the rest of my under-utilized makeup brushes - here's what I do. 
I do a mini spring clean in my room from time to time to get rid of clutter and rubbish, so when I saw my brush container - they were so messy! I have TOO MANY makeup brushes for my own good and I decided to clean them and keep those that I don't use as frequently away.
Use normal temperature water in your sink.
Some people prefer to use specific brush cleaning agents but I just use any shampoo that I like. As long as you rinse them out properly, there shouldn't be any problem.
Edited to add : I look like im drowning my brushes here but its because I wanted to wash the handles too. I dun recommend doing it frequently at all but only because these are dusty brushes n I wanted to wash them, bristles n handles, all! I hate thinking how dirty they are. 
Here I am using the Marc Anthony Brillant Color Shampoo coz I like the smell, hehehe.
Use a good amount of shampoo for your brushes. 
And soon you should be able to see the water changing color!
Take each individual brush and apply more shampoo on the bristles directly. 
Clean it in a circular motion and rinse out all traces of shampoo with cold water when done.
Taking a old towel at home, dry your brushes
This is an additional step .. but not necessary.
In between washes, I have a handy Elf Anti-Bacterial Alcohol spray to sanitize my makeup brushes. This also prolongs the use of my makeup brushes and I bought this on sale so I find it a rather good buy. Simply spray and air dry. 
Place brushes in a well-ventilated area but away from direct sunlight.
Remember to wash your makeup containers too!
Wipe dry and leave it to air 
Once they are all dry, choose what you would use and keep away the rest neatly.
( Touch them to make sure the bristles are completely dry)
I prefer to keep them in a covered pouch and place away in drawer neatly.
And you're done!
This takes just awhile and perhaps you can do it this weekend? Heehehe.
Now my makeup table is not so cluttered, and if I ever need to use a brush - I know that its nice and clean in the pouch.
Hope you enjoyed this little post!
Now off to shower and do my makeup ... meeting my girls at an event later!
Yay.. can't wait to see them!
Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend too!

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  1. U shld try Dr Bronner's soap, it can clean yr brushes real clean and it's environmental friendly

  2. Oh! I see! Hehe thk u for the rec! :))

  3. looking at your post, thinking of the sponge that pile up and not yet wash =.=
    should take the holiday to do some cleaning of sponges and brushes :)


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