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Friday, June 21, 2013

[Review + Tutorial] Hi guys!
Confession : I was a FALSE EYELASHES addict for the longest time and my best friends all know that I can go without makeup but I still have to die die put on my falsies before I have the guts to step out of the house. #truestory
Then one day, a newly launched mascara that was sent to me for review changed my life. 
Hahaha ~ I sound so serious now but its true! Prior to that experience, I had a love-hate relationship with mascara. I love how it lengthens my lashes and brightens my eyes, yet I detest the sheer torture when I attempt to remove waterproof mascara at night. It leaves me with panda eyes and I rub my eyes so hard with cleanser and I hate it! And so I relished using false eyelashes but to be frank, I dun like how my eyelids get irritated by eyelash glue over time - and lo and behold if I ever forgot to bring eyelash glue out! I get paranoid if my false lashes threaten to drop off and I can't tell you how many times I had to rush to Watsons to buy emergency eyelash glue or pray that my falsies dun drop halfway while eating. 
Later people think soup got fly.
So I've compiled my most recent favorite mascaras and eye products that mimic the look of false eyelashes .. yet they all totally all natural! 
The No Falsies Look 
*Please ignore my fringe! I itchy backside go and DIY cut myself .. boo hoo hoo.
Not an inch of false lashes here!
Start with bare eyes 
I prefer to keep my eye makeup to the very end so here I am with powder and blusher. 
My Favorite Eye Products 
Here Im going to introduce my current most loved products and my eye routine.
StarLash Metal Eyelash Curler
First Impressions : I received this product in a goody bag when I attended the StarLash event recently and I loved the feel of this eyelash curler! Its from a local company StarLash and you might have seen it in stores like Watsons, Robinsons and its sold online too. The box is in pretty pink and comes with instructions at the back, along with an extra sponge to replace the current one when it wears out.
Overall Review : I love how it fits Asians eyes perfectly and there is no eyelash tugging when I used it. Priced at $5.90 (yes, really!) I would buy it in a heartbeat. Its really value for money and extremely lightweight, great for travel. 
Curled bare eyelashes
I would gently press the curler and hold for around 3-5 seconds on each side.
Kate Long and Curl Mascara
Kate's newest mascara has a lengthening and lifting brush that provides super long fibers that reliably lengthens lashes and keeps its curl. 
Type of Mascara Wands
Before I show you pictures of my favorite mascara, - I just wanted to quickly show you the different mascara types, its various wands and uses.
 Each mascara usually has its unique feature eg Lengthening or curling, or sometimes its a combination. When you are buying mascara, you can take a look at the wand to get a better idea of which is more suited for your needs. Personally, I like the thicker wands for volume. 
*Picture from the web
Back to Kate Long and Curl Lash Extension Mascara 
First Impressions : The box has a slick black and red packaging and instructions are all in Japanese with a small sticker with its ingredients in English. There are tiny fibers in the mascara and I could see it when I looked closely at the wand. 
Overall Review : I love this mascara as a base and the lengthening effect is quite amazing. But I like it mostly becoz it 'sets' and dries quickly, and it does not cause my curled lashes to droop. The fibers in the mascara is not messy, and it did not irritate my eyes. It is a good mascara to to use as a base and top off with another coat of voluminous mascara if you prefer your lashes to look thicker, but I find it too sparse to use it on its own. I bought this from Watson's and I think they had some member's discount which made it quite a good buy.
K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm
My Holy Grail of my current favorite mascaras - this was sent to me for a review and I fell in love with applying mascara all over again! Thanks once again Japalang for sending me this! I'm into my 2nd tube already! Hehehe.
First Impressions : The packaging is so cute with its cartoon eye and instructions are clear in English on the back of the box. This is K-Palette's new mascara formula with its star ingredient 'Pullulan' - and the mascara wand is also uniquely designed with a slight curve. 
Overall Review : I love this mascara! Its lengthening and volumizing at the same time yet it does not clump easily. Do give some time allowance between coats so it enhanced your lashes better. It holds the curl pretty well too and most of all, this mascara washes off so easily with warm water! It literally 'melts' off and I never have panda eyes even with multiple coats of this mascara! Love it and I bought this for my girlfriend who uses mascara regularly. 
Dolly Wink Black Mascara
This is the newly re-formulated Dolly Wink Black Mascara for Volume. It has a special tapered brush specially for lower lashes and this is waterproof mascara that claims to easily wash off with warm water.
First Impressions : Dolly Wink has two different formulas - one for Lengthening and one for Volume. This one with the Gold top (Lengthening mascara has a Silver top) is for Volume and the instructions are clearly printed at the back in English. I like how classy the mascara looks - This Gold and black look is very different from the colorful purple and pink polkadots that the predecessor mascara had. I think the creator Tsubasa Masuwaka wanted to embrace a classier image and she really did pull it off with this mascara. Its still quite cute, but more age-appropriate for me lol and thats why I bought it! The brush is very special with a small tapered top that is excellent for tiny lashes and shorter lower lashes. 
Overall Review : I always apply this last as the waterproof formula acts as a 'sealant'. I generally skip this unless I know I will be taking pictures as it can get quite clumpy and this full-lash effect is more glamorous for evening instead of day. But I love the way it makes my lashes look so thick and I cant tell you how many times people have gushed about my lashes. It is perfect for girls with naturally long lashes but need more 'oomph' and volume. 2 coats is enough and I let it dry inbetween so that it will not smudge. This mascara is slightly more difficult to wash off so do use a good eye makeup remover. 
What a difference between my bare lashes and now!
My Secret Weapon for Long-Lasting Curled Lashes!
Lastly .. after all the mascara coats, it is inevitable that the lashes might not be so 'perky' so I recommend the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler as a last step to ensure that your lashes stay curled the whole day! I never curl my lashes with the metal curlers AFTER mascara becoz your lashes might stick to the curler and pull them off! Ouch! 
First Impressions : Its a battery-operated heated curler that comes in a glossy pink nifty case that looks like a high-tech mascara. Its very compact and needs one AA battery that would last for around 3 months based on daily usage. Its very easy to use, simply push the button up and wait for it to heat up. The comb rotates 360 degrees and comes with a cleaning brush.
It is straight but fits the eye nicely.
Simply press the Panasonic Heated Eye Curler lightly on the base of your eyelashes and push the button to rotate the comb. This curls your lashes and the heat maintains the curl.
For more info on the curling instructions, please head to :
Overall Review : When Panasonic first passed this to us, as the Singapore Blog Awards Beauty Finalists on loan for a review - I thought who would buy an eyelash curler for $45?? But after using it .. and going out for one whole day - I still came home to perfectly curled lashes! Its so easy to use and takes no time to 'set' the lashes. The heat from the curler did not burn me at all. Its also quite mild and safe for everyone, including first-timers. If you have a constant problem with curling your lashes, or have arrow-straight lashes that never seem to hold curls, then this is definitely for you.
Finally ... say yay to perfectly curled lashes without falsies!
Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and do have fun trying out the products if you can. I love each and every one of them and hope you would like them as much as I do, too!
All items were purchased by the author, unless otherwise stated.
I hope the haze has not been affecting everyone too much - although it might be extremely inconvenient, I hope everyone is still feeling ok and did not fall too sick or anything. I skipped yoga this morning becoz the psi levels were getting too hazardous and my family thought that it would be better to remain indoors and avoid going out if its not necessary. I guess its also fortunate that its currently the school holidays coz I can't imagine poor school children going to school in the haze. Keep safe and stay in everyone! Take care, guys! xo
For more info, please head to :
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Panasonic Heated Curler is available at most department stores :
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