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Friday, June 14, 2013

[Review + Routine Steps] 
TGIF everyone! Its Friday and we're right about going into the second week of June and its too soon! Today Im going to show you my essentials for a Straight Hair Look that I've been using pretty often as a quick alternative to curls. I love curls but sometimes when Im in rush, or if its raining (damp weather is horrid for curled hair) - I flat iron my hair so that its not frizzy and by making sure I protect my tresses so that the heat will not damage my hair.
Items that I use 
- Reveur Moist & Gloss Shampoo and Treatment
-Loreal ExtraOrdinary Oil
-Panasonic 6 in 1 Multi Hair Styler 
The products that I am using here in this Tutorial have been sent to me for review purposes but I do like them alot and have been using them ever so frequently so I really wanted to share it here with you. 
Step 1 Wash :
Reveur Moist & Gloss Shampoo and Treatment 
This is one of my current favorite favorite shampoo and conditioner! 
When Reveur sent me these, I thought I might need forever to finish it coz its 500ml each and its pretty huge! But the moment I opened it and from the first time I used it, I really FELL IN LOVE WITH THE FLORAL SMELL! Can you imagine I could still smell it on my hair the next day?
Touted as a Non-silicon shampoo, this means that it will not harm your scalp and in addition it prevents buildup that might potentially clog hair follicles and cause hair loss. 
First Impressions : The bottles were so pretty in purple and the simple and cute Japanese packaging and bottle made my eyes go wow. There was good English instructions and ingredient list on the bottle and the shampoo and conditioner had different color pumps (Purple pump for shampoo and white for treatment) so that you will not get confused in the shower when its next to each other. Most importantly, the smell of both shampoo and conditioner is gorgeousss! (If I could use gorgeous on a scent - this would be it) 
Overall Review : Admittedly, the lack of foam (its meant to be this way) was alittle disappointing coz I like my shampoos with ALOT of foam and the moisture level from the conditioner could be better on my dry as hay hair - but I have no qualms as this is a great value drugstore buy and I like how straight and smooth my hair looks after using it.  
Step 2 Protect :
Loreal Extraordinary Oil 
What is Extraordinary Oil?
Inspired by the extraordinary power of 6 precious flower oils, the laboratories at L’Oréal have created a perfectly balanced oil with a texture so absorbing that it instantly penetrates and adjusts to the specific needs of each hair type to provide perfect care.
First Impressions : I was introduced to this when I had the chance to attend the launch of the Loreal Extraordinary Oil event in Fullerton hotel a couple of weeks back. Upon looking at the bottle, its extremely high-end looking and it feels expensive too. Instructions on the back of the bottle are in Japanese, but this is made in China. But its well-made, and the pump dispenses a good amount of oil. I couldn't believe it when they told us that this was meant to be a drugstore buy and only retails for $23.90 for 100ml! Its a huge bottle for the amount  and its made up of 5 kinds of flower extracts, hence a slightly musky smell on my undiscerning nose but I have grown to like it after awhile. Most importantly, I find it a great value buy after comparing it to my Loreal Mythic Oil (only for salon use) - as its quite similar yet much cheaper. You can use it before shampoo as a mask and 2 drops is all its takes for my long thick hair. 
Overall Review : This is a great hair serum for detangling purposes! It makes my hair so soft and smooth that I had almost no frizziness after use. Its much better for straight styles as I realize it makes my hair so soft - this is best for very damaged hair or people prone to frizzy hair. Do note to avoid the scalp and apply this at least 3-5 inches away from roots of hair. 
Hair Routine 
So lets go into how I would normally style my hair after shampoo and hair serum 
Step 3 : Blow hair 
I would apply the Loreal Extraordinary Oil on my damp hair after shampooing and conditioning before I blow dry it with my Panasonic Ionity Hair dryer.
Step 4 : Straighten 
As my hair has slight natural waves - I would prefer to use a hair straightener to get rid of frizzy hair or waves for a perfect lasting straight look. 
Panasonic 6 in 1 Multi-Styler 
You can straighten, curl or produce volume with this multi styler but I prefer to use it as a flat iron as this produces the best results. 
First Impressions : I thought it was a normal flat iron until I saw the 6 different casings for the styler! I think its great for girls who would prefer to use different settings for different styles and most importantly, Panasonic promises to reduce hair color fading as compared to other styling irons! I can also choose different heat settings which is great too! Instructions are in both English & Arabic on box. 
How do I change it into a straighter?
As you can see, the Panasonic Multi Styler comes with 6 casings with its use printed on it clearly.
Simply choose the style you prefer 
Attach it to the styler 
And once you turn it on, its ready for you to use!
Very user friendly! I didnt even need to look at the User Manual lol 
I would usually start from fringe 
Use a gentle C motion for a slight natural curl on the fringe instead of it looking stick straight.
After the initial flat ironing, I use the Loreal Extraordinary Oil once again on my tresses before I straighten my hair for one last time to 'seal' in the shine and get rid of frizziness.
Pump 2 pumps into hair and smooth on hair, concentrating on ends now.
Why two times?
For the Loreal Extraordinary Oil - its advised to use less and apply more as you go along. Therefore, I use it on damp hair to Protect it from the heat from hair dryer and  then I use it again to Lock in shine and further damage from the flat iron.
Especially on the tips of my hair!
One last time withe the Panasonic Multi Styler and we are good to go!
Finally .......
Straight hair!
Hope you enjoyed my little hair routine! 
Its going to be a great weekend, now off to a new product launch with girlfriends and then its Beerfest tonight with the peeps! Eat, drink and be merry everyone! Hope you are having a great week too! 
Lotsa love and pixie dust xxxxx
Notice my cornrow braids? Love them too much ~ will post about them soon! xo
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Thanks for looking!
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