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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Backdated Post] Hello everyone! 
Im not sure if you know it already ... but I was recently on the cover of the NEW Glow magazine by Watson's! 
Think u can't really tell its me coz I was looking at I-dunno-where up in the air and I had straight hair! 
But nevertheless! 
It was such a fun and great photoshoot with the girls! And what a great honor for me to be on ANY magazine .. something that I would never expect in ten thousand years! 
Check out our Behind-the-scene photos from the shoot!
We trooped down early in the morning to a furniture shop that doubled up as our cover photo back drop.
Doing our hair and make up ......
Hi Clara!
Snapped a few pictures with my fellow beauty ambassadors! 
My two cuties Kas and Chantana ..
Too bad Karen was away and Irene had to scoot off but the rest of us had a lovely time talking, taking pictures while waiting in between shooting! 
Together with dear Sarah here!
We even had a late lunch together after the shoot and it was a wonderful day!
Lovely Holly and me!
I love Clara's hair!
So glad to know such fabulous people from blogging ..! xo
So we spent the morning doing our hair and makeup before we headed to the studio for our group shot. Then we had to do individual shots for the pages of the magazine.
Pose.. posing.. posed!
It was pretty much a lot of fun!
We were taught how to pose and we each took many candid shots!
Guess what are these?
(Answer : Our favorite beauty items!)
Here's how to get the shot!
Yes .. get a ladder!
And it's a WRAP!
Here's a quick glance at our article in the magazine, thank you Sarah for scanning!
Pssttt. Check out my 'air armpit' pose! WAHAHAHHA
GLOW Magazine 
There are more snippets and short reviews from us in the magazine so do grab it when it have the chance! Thank you Watson's for the wonderful opportunity and I will be eternally grateful for the lovely people I've met, and the unforgettable experiences that blogging has brought me. From a small personal blog to joining these amazing ladies as a Watson's ambassador ..  
Its still very surreal as Im typing this now.
But Thank YOU all, my most fantastic readers and friends for dropping by - I love and appreciate each one of you for reading! 
A group picture with the babes!
Watson's Beauty Ambassadors (Left-Right) 
Karen (not in picture) : http://renzze.com
Glow Magazine can be found at all Watson's stores currently.
For more information, please head to :
Watson's Website : http://www.watsons.com.sg/
Watson's Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/watsons.sg
GLOW Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/glowmagazine
For reviews and updates on beauty products by the Watson's Ambassadors :
Beauty Playground Blog : http://www.thebeautyplayground.com/
Watsons Twitter @  https://twitter.com/WatsonsSG
I had fun reading beauty tips from my fellow beauty bloggers and am very excited for the newly revamped GLOW magazine! 
There' also a contest for the Best Letter to GLOW! 
Tell them what you think about the new magazine and stand a chance to win! 
Good luck!
Have a great night and rest of the wonderful week!

Are you a Watson's member?
Watson's Member-Only Sale is on 12th June, Wednesday from 12 noon onwards!
Happy shopping! xoxoxo
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