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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Backdated] Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? Its pretty bad lately with the haze and all isnt it? I thought it would get slightly better but I guess they are still burning coz the skies turned grey and hazy again. Im so angry that we have to go through all the pollution when the fault doesnt lie with us at all. Its so inconsiderate of our neighbors to cause all the haze and I trying so hard to breathe normally, so I cant imagine small children, elderly and animals. And its so detrimental to people with respiratory problems, like asthma. I hope everyone stay safe and indoors if you could.
A couple of weeks ago, our good friend gave us tickets to Savour 2013 with lounge access and it was a god-send in the heat! I attended the media invite : Click Here, so I was looking forward to having a good time with fabulous food.
Lets head in, guys!
I super happy got AIR-CON in the lounge k
We went there in the evening , just in time for drinks and dinner.
A crowd already!
The Ferrari lounge with free-flow drinks and free-flow AIR CON *yessss!*
Using our Savour 'money', we can buy food but the first thing I bought ... is BUBBLY! 
Wahahaha. This lounge no bubbly one. Lousy, keke.
Our friends bought some food and we shared it all!
Wah super yums
Lets head out!
Using our Savour money - we bought more dishes to share
Foie grassssssssss zomggg
Small dishes to try 
Delicious.... ley!
Ghost face
Eat eat eat
Chef Emmanuel 
He actually co-owns the yoga studio that I frequent, and he's an avid yoga practitioner - but its my first time seeing him in person. 
Trying their margarita! 
Ok. I ish drunk already after one sip.
Saw my PR friends there too! 
Thanks for bringing me around the Nespresso tent too, girls!
Too fun!
This egg chawanmushi with caviar super YUMS i tell u
Group pic
More ghost face
I ate so much caviar and foie gras from all the yummy dishes I might just OD on it.
Very sinful!
I think the theme of the day is GHOST - not food. 
I dunno why my friends all like that.
We ate ALOT!
The girls
My favorite dish from the event was Chef Gunther's angel hair pasta!
Sooooo good ~ I went back for seconds!
I look at these pics .... I 
Really very nice angel hair pasta with caviar!
We headed to the Gourmet Market after feasting for a walk
They sold cold cuts, cheese and wines there
We found our friends at SodaStream counter and this was the reason why we bought the machine! When I went to the media preview, I saw it and told my hubby but he dun believe me until he saw with with his eyes! Now we love our SodaStream so much and drink sparkling at home everyday! Cheaper than buying from supermarkets and so much healthier than drinking Coke!
Say full but see oysters only buy
Eat again!
Do not disturb la cameraman!
Bo eng la ~ please!
Walking out ....... 
I want to put all these at home can!!!!!!!!!
Hehehe coz I like Veuve Clicquot ley.
Soon we were too full to eat anymore and it was time to go back!
I think we were dancing or dunno doing moonwalk or what
Thanks for looking guys!
Going to head out soon!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures xo and take care everyone!
Thanks Gil for the tickets too, we really had fun!
And also , Thanks Nespresso for the Limited Edition Napoli capsules!
Back soon xo!

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