Cocopiel Big-Eye Lens Review

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hello everyone! If you have seen my previous review :(Click Here) on my favorite big-eye contact lens from Korea, I was so excited when my latest shipment arrived!
It feels like Christmas whenever Cocopiel sends their parcel ....
And this time I chose something slightly different from my usual colors!
Here Im wearing Cranberry Blue (USD $21) - A slightly subtle blue that enhances my look. 
Each pair of contact lens are protected and secured in a box, thus ensuring that they reach me in the best possible quality.

And look at the gifts with purchase that comes along! 
Too generous! There's a pair of socks, masks, eye drops and a separate contact lens case for each pair of lens. I love it as Im very particular with my contact lens cases and I never recycle them I prefer to throw it away along with my contact lens for hygiene purposes.
Here are my picks!
I chose Blue, Grey and Brown lens
Lets take a look at each!
As mentioned earlier on ... these are my Cranberry Blue (USD $21)
These are 14.8 mm in diameter and their water content 38% which is super comfy to wear and they last from 6-12 months. I usually wear my contact lens for around 2-3 months max before I throw them away. 
These are the Get It Beauty Grey (USD $11.05) contacts which are also more subtle and can be suitable for work if you have a more conservative working environment. They are 14.3mm in diameter and also the water content is at 38% which is very comfortable and doesn't dry out my eyes. They also last 6-12 months.
My last and most favorite pair is my Tinkerbell Brown (USD $15.06) and they are super bright and pretty!
These are 14.55mm in diameter and have a higher water contect of 42% which makes wearing it super comfy even for long hours and when Im doing yoga in a hot room. They also last anything from 6-12 months and I have been wearing them the most! Love the brown color and huge diameter that brightens my eyes even without much makeup!
How to open your contact lens bottle?
If its going to be your first time opening such a bottle, lemme show you how to do it properly!
Firstly, look for an ARROW on the lid of the contact lens bottle
Lift upwards in the direction of the arrow 
If done correctly, the metal lid will be lifted up without much hassle, exposing the rubber cover inside. 
Simply pull off the lid and remove the rubber cover to safely open the contact lens bottle.
If you accidentally broke the metal lid halfway, don't worry!  
Simply use metal tweezers like such and remove the metal lid safely without cutting your fingers! Be careful as they can be quite sharp so always use tweezers instead of your bare hands to avoid getting hurt!
I also prefer to soak my new contact lens in multi-purpose solution for around 4-8 hours before I wear them. Its more comfortable for my eyes this way too!
Thank you Cocopiel for always sending me separate contact lens cases! They are so cute and easy for travel purposes and hygienic too!
Your eyes are most important so always take good care of them and buy from reputable sources! I trust Cocopiel because they produce their own products and all of it comes from Korea and is approved by international certificate such as KFDA - Korea Food & Drug Adminstration, ISO 13485:2003.
If you have any questions or queries , do head to : Cocopiel F&Q (Click Here)
Thanks for looking and do feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
Cocopiel Website
Cocopiel Facebook Page
Take care and I'm heading to Taipei tomorrow for a short holiday! Will be back real soon and do follow me on Twitter/ Facebook or Instagram if you haven't! Love xoxoxoxoxo
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  1. I loved the bright color, enlargement and comfort a lot of these Cocopiel contact lenses, so from me it gets 5 hearts in total!

  2. Hello,

    I really like the Tinker Bell Brown lenses you have on here. Might give this brand a try next time. Thanks for posting!

    Roxanne C.
    Laced Ivory - Singapore's Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. Thanks for dropping by dear Roxanne!
    Hi Coloured Contacts, thks too!


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