The Sushi Bar Date With Lesbo Dii

Monday, June 30, 2014

[Personal Post] Hi guys! Hows your weekend? I spent it idling around, mostly frittering time away pottering around the house. *cue yawn* Im not sure if you have seen my last couple of posts, but its been a month without my domestic helper and although things are going well at home - I need to do alot more housework since we didnt really want to get part-time help. 
How difficult can housework get??? 

Thats me, everyday. *deadpan expression*
While the actual action of doing housework is not difficult, its how tired you feel after everything is done and all you really want to do is to take a nice hot shower and lie down and SLEEP! On the rare occasions where I get to run out of the house for a couple of hours, I relish time with my girlfriends who are all ever so accommodating
The Sushi Bar Date With Lesbo Dii
The ONLY reason why I go there!
Previously located in an obscure corner on the 3rd level of Far East Plaza, I came across this hole-in-the-wall Japanese eatery called The Sushi Bar after doing some lone shopping while waiting for my eyelash extension appointment at Millys. They have since moved to a bigger unit on the 4th floor, but the simplistic decor and almost hasty service (due to overwhelming crowd I guess) remains.  
This is just another day! #damnlongqueue 
There are two dining areas, one closer to the sushi bar where all the action is and another away from the bar but closer to the entrance. Tables are still stacked closely to each other so patrons can hear conversations at the next table. Alittle inconvenient to hold heart to heart talks, but based on the crowd outside, I think the staff will be a little displeased if you continue to hog the table after finishing your meal, ha!
It was my Lesbo Dii's first time there so I ordered some of the restaurant's popular dishes and some sashimi to share.
Salmon Aburi Roll 
Unagi & tamago sushi 
3 kind Sashimi, chawanmushi, salmon aburi roll and scallop carpaccio
The curry katsu was so-so only, pork cutlet wee bit dry.
If u still have space for dessert .. u must try the Tofu cheesecake! I know.. i know.. looks so white and bland and unappetizing .. but hey! Never judge a book by its cover k! LOLOLOL its the smoothest and not so cheesy cheesecake with what tastes like digestive biscuits at the bottom. One word, yums!
Right after our fulfilling dinner, we headed to Hyatt for a proper round of conversation (its impossible to talk normally at the restaurant coz u need to speak above the din and its quite paiseh to gossip about ur boss/husband/friend so loudly hahaha)
Our favorite kind of dessert!
Spent the whole night talking gibberish to my darling lesbo and laughing at so many things til my tummy hurt! Love u lesbo, I wish we have more times like this! xx
And lastly .... my UNICORN pressie from Dii!!! 
I dun have the pandora bracelet so Im wearing the unicorn around my neck.
Still so much love xx *kisses*
Back soon with another post, but in the mean time ........
In my dreams, ah.
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