Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence Review

Friday, July 18, 2014

[Review + Video] Ello ello! Im sooo sorry for going MIA recently. Unfortunately I was feeling really under the weather and have been trying to get better, hence the lack of updates here :( Just replied all emails and feeling slightly better today. Will be heading to Malaysia early next week and I just hope to recover by then. On another note : I just want to offer my deepest condolences to #MH17 and it is a sad, sad day for everyone across the globe, especially us Singaporeans coz we're so near to Malaysia and we really feel their pain. Actually the hubby has his work project in Malaysia (hence his frequent trips there) so its especially hard for us as we mourn with the country that we have came to call a second home. Really have to stop and treasure those around you, for nothing else comes close to family and dear ones. #PrayForMH17
Following my previous review on the Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser : (Click Here). I actually went cold turkey with the rest of my skincare regime to test and try out the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare range! 
Neutrogena® Introduces New Clinical Solutions To Its Fine Fairness Range -
A Synergistic Solution To Renewed Radiance With Breakthrough VITAL-IONS Technology And Lily Nectar
Saying Bye to Dark Spots?
Neutrogena takes skin brightening to new heights with the launch of the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line, formulated to provide higher efficacy in combating stubborn dark spots, for healthy and radiant skin.

Im a really tanned person by nature, more so due to my love for the outdoors! I have slight pigmentation from suntanning in the past without a good SPF, but a few good IPL/laser sessions at the doctor's had reduced it greatly over the years. Aftercare is extremely paramount now, in case my freckles resurface. 
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence Review
I was given three items from the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness range, but its star product is really the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence so I will be giving it more attention in this post ~ haha! Read on to find out why!
The new line of clinical solutions features a unique combination of VITAL-IONS and Lily Nectar that work together synergistically to lighten dark spots and revitalise skin from deep within, for renewed radiance and skin tone evenness.
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, $45.90
Clinically proven to lighten even the most persistent spots with visible results achieved in just three weeks, its special formulation of clinical strength whitening ingredients contains VITALIONS and Lily Nectar, which breaks down melanin accumulation and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots.
The packaging looks luxe with a touch of gold and there is a good amount of essence in the 30g bottle. A special feature of the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence is the dual-nozzle which will dispense 2 separate essence with one pump. Simply mix the essence and apply on face and neck.
*Note : It doesnt matter if one essence is used up faster than the other because both contents will still provide a whitening effect. 
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence has been clinically tested to be effective in erasing a year of accumulated melanin with just one bottle. 
Apply to skin after cleansing, before moisturiser
Did a short video review, too! 
Review : I dun normally use serums/essences in my normal skincare routine because I have sensitive combination skin and most serums tend to cause my skin to breakout easily especially if its too rich to my skin type. With the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, Im glad to say that not only it not break me out, I found my skin complexion to brighten with each use and although its a rather subtle effect (in the 2 weeks that I have been using it) - the results are pretty astounding when I put my Before & After picture next to each other! (See below) The essence (and Fine Fairness range) has a light floral scent that absorbs quickly into skin and leaves no sticky after-feel. I am impressed with the technology (VITAL-IONS technology contains zinc and copper minerals
that help boost energy supply to the skin cells as a catalyst to revitalise the skin’s cellular renewal process to quickly disperse the accumulated melanin.) Neutrogena has and at $45.90, it is definitely pocket-friendly enough to give it a try.  
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Skincare
Here's some pictures and a short introduction to the other products in the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare range.
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream, $34.90
A luxurious non-oily moisturizing formula infused with VITAL-IONS and Lily Nectar, it aids deep skin renewal at night, helping to make skin look brighter, fairer and more radiant. Its clinical strength formulation works to reduce melanin production and improves skin tone and clarity, while at the same time providing sufficient hydration for dewy soft, smooth and moisturized skin with youthful luminosity
Spread a small amount evenly on face and neck every night every night after Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence
Review : The Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream is a light, floral scented cream in a tub that sinked into my skin without feeling greasy. I like the hydrated feel and this night cream did not break me out. I only wished it came with a spatula but at $34.90, it does feel quite plush with the glass bottle and gold cover. 
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+ PA+++, $34.90
Formulated with Neutrogena’s patented Helioplex technology as well as the clinical strength whitening ingredients of VITAL-IONS and Lily Nectar, it serves the dual purpose of broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and cell revitalisation for renewed radiance.
Helioplex has been clinically proven to deliver one of the best forms of protection under extreme sun conditions, shielding skin against cellular damage and premature aging that cause fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles and dark spots.
Apply liberally to face and neck after your morning skincare regimen, before sun exposure.
Review : The Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid was quite a delight to use! The purple color sunscreen was light and the fluid absorbed quickly without the sticky after-feel of traditional sunscreens. Not only was it lightweight, it actually gave a slight brightening effect after use. (See pics below) I love using it on days without makeup as it does not leave a white cast on skin.  
Well, thats the end of my review on the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare range and hope u enjoyed the pictures and short video! 
All Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness products are dermatologist tested, oil-free and non-comedogenic and are available at leading personal care stores and pharmacies in Singapore.
For more information, please head to :
Neutrogena FaceBook Singapore :
Will be back soon! Take care, guys! xoxoxoxo
*back to blogging about my recent BKK trip soon! 
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This post have been brought to you by Neutrogena, all opinions expressed are of the author's. 

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