Brunch at Wild Honey with my Ponies

Thursday, February 19, 2015

 Wow I've been awake since 6am (once again.. pee break every other day as usual ever since my 3rd trimester!) and today I was thinking of all the nonsensical stuff like matching my bag to my new year outfit and then realizing the color of my sandals not matching my bag etc etc. You know~ all those important things *LOL*. #FirstWorldProblems #SibehBoliao And then I got out of bed to bao more red packets incase I run out of them or something so I just decided to sit down and write a post since I dun think I will be getting more sleep as the hubby's relatives will all be coming by our place soon! When we first got together .. I realized that his relatives are all super early birds can! I mean its the holidays and they can all drop by at 9am!!! Nine freaking AM in the morning !!! I think back at my parent's place .. if we wake up at 9am on a P.H, its already an amazing feat. HAAA.
 So a couple of days ago I met my beloved ponies (we call ourselves ponies coz we just all like unicorns and my little ponies and all that stuff) for brunch at Wild Honey! Loveee all-day breakfast and Wild Honey is just one of those places that usually gets it right all the time. They are alittle on the expensive side I reckon, but the eggs are always perfectly done and their coffee ain't half bad too!
 Im just glad that they removed their self-service payment method now and have proper table service!
 Mandatory camwhoring peekture ~thankssss #37Weeksandcounting
Brunch at Wild Honey with my Ponies
 With my darling Lesbo Love! My rock and always my nonsensical punk #allblackerrthang partner in crime. Love love xx
Then Emo Pony arrived and we all started talking at rapid speed without taking pictures so here's just foodporn for all hehehe.
French toast actually looks awesomeeee - maybe i should try it next time!
 Always a fun fun catchup with my ponies and I love them so much with all fluffy pink clouds and shooting stars! Thank you my sweetie pie EmoPonyJoey for your belated presssies (LOLOL for Xmas 2015 right?) and I think the next time we meet I would have popped already!!!! Due-Day is coming by really soooooon and omg if you asked me if Im ready .. "When can we ever be ready?"
Off for a long day of visiting with my basketball and hope everyone have a great loooong weekend with lotsa nice food, drinks, angpows and company! xxx
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Bring it on 2015!

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  1. Happy goat year! Ur hair always so nice leh... Should do another hair tutorial soon :p

  2. hi elaine, just wondering if you are still using copiel big eye lens? or what brnad are you on to now?

    thanks much for sharing any advice! we met during flowerpod and I found your blog there and have started reading since.
    real long ago! Will say hi if I do meet you on the streets!


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