Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais : Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop

Monday, February 02, 2015

[Event] Hi hi guys! In between all the madnessssss last week where I finally bought almost all my baby stuff *phew*, packed my hospital bag, arranged my documents and finally shot my prenatal pictures... I also squeezed some time on the weekend to attend Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais - Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop! 
Do you wear glasses? Well, I do!
Tokyo Star Optical is an optical concept store which was first established in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan and now brought to Singapore.
A workshop for the ladies to pick up beauty tips & tricks to suit their frames. Because girls deserve to be pampered.
The collaboration with Ettusais means that there are plenty of makeup for us to play with! Actually I dun really know how to use makeup with glasses as Im usually in my contacts if I intend to wear makeup. 
So glad to see some of my fellow beauty blogger girlfriends! 
(L-R) June, Chantana, me looking like a balloon once again, Elrica and Jerlene. 

Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais : Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop 
Playing around with some of the frames in Tokyo Star Optical!
Let's start the workshop! Hi Rhys hehe :)
Some of the tips that I learnt from Ettusais is that you must always PAT your concealer lightly for the best coverage. Instead of rubbing, by patting your concealer, you get a much better coverage with an airbrushed look. After concealer, you can choose to use some loose or compact powder to to blend your concealer seamlessly with your foundation.
If you wear frames, you can choose to highlight your features with a soft pink or orange blusher, followed by a dab of gloss. And to further enhance your eyes, always.. I mean always... use MASCARA! They open and brighten your peepers for a wide-awake look. 
SO pretty! Even in glasses!
Some of the Ettusais products used in the workshop! I am so enticed by the Valentine Day specials - the Heart shaped blushes (I love blushers!) and lip crayons which looked like a breeze to apply! And so creamy and pigmented too :) Coming to Ettusais stores in Feb. 
Thanks for the kind invitation PublicistPR and Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais for the workshop and gifts! xo
And once again, a group picture with my friends and Managing Director Masa-San of Tokyo Star Optical ~ 
Can't wait to try out Ettusais's Bitaba Volume Mascara and Lash Version Up mascara! Although I usually have eyelash extensions, I always use mascara on my lower lashes for a more defined look :)
Thanks for the candy (M&Ms are from my girlfriend, though! LOL) and a lovely handwritten note too - so sweet! 
Am working on another post soon! Last week I bought my pram.. cot and many other stuff ~! Although its abit too early to give a review of the baby stuff that I got (I mean technically I haven start to use them thats why) but will be writing about my choices and what I bought! Hope everyone is having a great start to February and as Valentine's Day is coming soon, I wish for LOVE to everyone here! Flying kisses and hugs xx
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  1. Lovely tips and glasses! Looking hip. How about more hipster glasses and ootd?

  2. Hi anon thk u! Hehee! Maybe when bb comes then i got no time for contacts ... LOL. OOTD now??? I look like a WHALE! Hahahha! :p

  3. I wear glasses, too, and those look very good. I am always trying to find a more stylish pair that look flattering for work or play.


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