Mederma Proactive Gel Review

Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Review] If there is something I can do over again .. it would be using scar repairing creams on all my old eczema scars! I had eczema when I was much younger and being a school girl then, I didnt really know much about beauty stuff or creams that help to heal scars. So I only wore long pants or jeans whenever I could as I wanted to cover up the ugly looking marks that the skin condition left me with. :(
Mederma Proactive Gel Review
Injuries are a part of everyday life: Cuts, lacerations, burns or abrasions happen every day and often lead to scar formation, leaving a visible mark on the skin. Untreated scars are more likely to be conspicuous and frequently cause physical discomfort like itching, tension, pain and restricted mobility. Scars are not only visually distracting but can also cause emotional strain.
Mederma gel is one of the leading scar treatments, recommended by doctors all around the world. The proactive gel formula is clinically proven to visibly reduce scarring. It treats both old and new scars effectively, reduces skin redness, and makes the scar softer, smoother, more elastic and less visible.

And if there is one thing that I have learnt about scars.. its THE SOONER THE BETTER! 
How are scars formed? 
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Most daily injuries, like cuts, lacerations, abrasions or burns are not dangerous. But they can lead to visible scars, when deeper layers of the skin are hurt. In these cases the body reacts to the injury in a series of coordinated steps. Inflammation, Cell proliferation and Matrix remodelling.
The last phase of scar formation lasts several months or even years. Our skin needs this time for the healing process in the deeper layers and to form new tissue to fill out the wound completely. This is why even older scars should be treated with Mederma as soon as possible to become less visible.
Mederma contains a combination of three active ingredients: cepalin, allantoin and aloe vera. The proactive gel formula promotes the healing process of the skin, effectively reduces skin redness, and makes the scar softer, smoother, more elastic and less visible
Initial Impressions : The Mederma Proactive Gel was a watery fluid that actually absorbed really quickly into my skin! It has a refreshing smell, and it dried in seconds leaving a smooth finish. It should be generously applied on new scars as a preventive measure, so the 20g (as seen above) might not be enough if u have a bigger scar. I will be using on my recent scar (below pic) and keep u updated soon! For best possible results, use Mederma as soon as the wound is closed or the stitches have been removed – for at least 8 weeks on new scars and 3–6 months on older scars. Mederma Proactive Gel is available in 20g ($29.80) and 50g ($59.80) at all Guardian, Unity, and selected Watsons stores. The 50g pack size is only available at Guardian stores. 
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Thanks to The PR People for the lovely case! Soooo useful with all the items I can put in the diaper bag for first aid emergencies :) heheh!
Thanks all for looking! Will be back with a personal post and pics on baby! 
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