My Baby is growing up so quickly!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! I reckon I should be updating abit more on baby now.. coz he is really GROWING UP WAY TOO FAST! Yes.. he is barely 9 weeks now but it really feels like yesterday when we just brought him back from the hospital! Sometimes I look at his super newborn pictures and I compare with the baby infront of me .. and Im like,"Who is this!" Their looks change so much I can't even! 
Mandatory selfie picture with baby in car and heading out for lunch one afternoon. 
On another occasion, we also took him to a recent baby fair at Expo and while the fair was really disappointing, our outing was fun!

Stoneddd look while we had brunch at HongKong cafe.
Milk coma goofy smile 
Last week he learnt something new! He can turn his head to face the TV. Insert *facepalm*
Slight lopsided smile
Baby's I-Am-Superman arm
Hungry and biting his KFC thumb but ...........
Another goofy smile after milk milk
New jungle play mat from his grandmother
And just like the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.. I ish have boxer at home too! 
Laugh die me. My "boxer" boxing his toy monkey.
Leaving you a funny comic that sums up me before going out now....
Thanks for dropping by! Also a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mummies out there! It will be my first Mother's Day so quite exciting! Although Royroy is still too young to know anything yet.. it's still going to be very special spending it with both of my boys :) 
Happy Mother's Day to all mummies! 
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  1. Happy Mother's Day pretty mama! He's growing up so chubby and cuuutteeeee *\(^o^)/*

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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