Casual Photoshoot for Baby Elric At Home

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sometimes I really stop and thank my lucky stars for giving me everything that I have today. I dun ask for much - but a roof over my head, my family with me and a circle of good friends will do. 💓 When I gave birth to Elric, my girlfriends visited me in the hospital and then now that Im at home doing confinement - they took the trouble to pay me a visit once again! Absolutely and utterly grateful for their love ~ thank you. 
Casual Photoshoot for Baby Elric At Home
The same gang 👫
Once again Lilo has unleashed her photography powers to take photos for Elric!
Thank you inlaw (we matchmade our kids thanks lol) for lugging all your props over! And the tua leng kong DSLR - jin paiseh your bag so big machiam you going to zhao lor (runaway from home)
Pattern more than badminton hor
Got basket la, got fur la, got wrap la
Baby Gwen was in the house!!!! She is so cute and pretty hor! Our little baby in the group has all grown up now ~ awwww cutie pie
Thank you Ang and Lainey yi-yi for the ang pows!

And here are the photos from our black carrot cake cum curry puff makan session ~
"Those tiny hands stole my heart and these tiny feet ran away with it."
My little snowy bear
"Laugh, sing, dance and glow. Let the oxytocin flow."
Thanks girls for coming into my life! Dunno what I will do without all of you 💋

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