Alobaby Outdoor Spray and Milk Lotion Review + GIVEAWAY *Closed*

Monday, October 09, 2017

Hi! Sorry for being away ... I went to have a baby actually! 😇 Thank you all for the kind wishes and prayers on my FB and IG social media channels ~ Im sorry if I dun have the time to reply comments but believee me, I've read it all and its in my 💓 - so a big THANK YOU! To commemorate and thank everyone, there will be a Alobaby Giveaway so do read on for details! 
Alobaby Outdoor Spray and Milk Lotion Review + GIVEAWAY
Alobaby - Organic and made-in-Japan, “ALO” is a Latin word that means “Nurture”. They believe that building a close-knit relationship with your baby is essential for your baby’s growth. 
・Made from 99% natural ingredients・Ensure security and safety for babies
・Designed for both babies and mothers・Natural oil has a fragrance that promotes relaxation
ALOBABY products are developed based on the opinions of experienced mothers who have used organic skin-care products during pregnancy. They aim to deliver reliable products with premium quality to both you and your babies. 
Alobaby Outdoor Mist
Made-in-Japan organic Outdoor Spray repels insects with natural derived aroma. 
It is made from Orange Fruit Water, Lemongrass Oil and Rosemary Oil.
Ideal DEET-free formula protects baby's skin gently.
This Outdoor Mist is one of Alobaby's top sellers and I can easily tell why. The bottle is a convenient size, and its DEET-Free - which is safe for our little ones. The scent is soothing lemongrass, and the spray function is both convenient and economical. I spray freely on the toddler's skin and clothes.
This Outdoor Mist is also safe for pregnant mummies, so I wasn't afraid to get any on myself. Infact I share this with the toddler if we are heading out. Contains Orange Fruit Water, Lemongrass Oil and Rosemary Oil that creates a refreshing aroma and protects skin from insects gently. 
Alobaby Milk Lotion
Made-in-Japan organic Milky Lotion is ALOBABY's signature item. 
It provides high moisturizing effect and is certified by the world-known ECOCERT. 
Contains natural moisturizing ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.
Contains Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. Suitable for use for pregnant women and mothers, also directly after giving birth. So this product is also for both mothers and baby. I used this before giving birth, whenver my skin feels dry and also on the toddler. A little goes a long way!
Comes in a convenient pump bottle
There is no stickiness after application and the fragrance is a light, shea butter scent.
Elroy uses it daily before heading to school!
Two really handy products but most importantly, the natural ingredients and high quality assurance that everything is additive-free, coloring-free and synthetic-perfume free makes me feel safe to use it at home, during my pregnancy, but most importantly, on my kids.
Alobaby has kindly offered to give 2 Winners one product each, as seen in my review above - the Alobaby Milky Lotion and Alobaby Outdoor Spray 
Simply head to my Instagram for more details -
Alobaby Milky Lotion retails at $30 (150ml) and Outdoor Spray $25 (110ml) and is available at leading department stores like Takashimaya and online.
For more info, please head to :
Alobaby Website :
Alobaby Facebook Page :

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