eFresh CO2 Stem Cell Mask Review

Monday, October 16, 2017

You know there is an old Chinese saying which loosely translates to "Last minute hug Buddha leg" which means to do something hastily and hope for the best. In this case, I realized that every time I have photoshoot coming up I will turn to my trusty eFresh CO2 Masks to make sure that I look presentable and ready to face the world. 💃 Being a mother of two children under 3 years old - I really doubt I can find the time to have proper sleep, let alone time to pamper my skin with a proper facial or something.. 
eFresh CO2 Stem Cell Mask Review
With the chemical combination process of Concentrated Gel & Nutritious Powder, the CO2 Oxygen Face Mask provides non-stop supply of oxygen to skin cell through Bohr Effect which helps to activate skin cell for stimulating cell repairing and metabolism.
The eFresh CO2 Stem Cell Mask (Premium range) has a key ingredient - The Apple Stem Cell which is derived from Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber, a seeding planted in the middle of the 18th century. This Swiss apple has the properties of incredible storability and longevity. Its valuable ingredient has the power for the skin growth and regeneration, age-delaying which can preserve the youthful look and the vitality of your skin. (To which I need.. I need!!LOLOL)
Stem Cell Regenerating Therapy 
Once again, like my previous review of the CO2 Oxygen Face Mask (Click here to read) - each box of eFresh comes with 5 individual packs of masks.
The secret to this mask ... the CO2 Powder which contains :
- Malic Acid - Carbon Bicarbonate - Sodium Hyaluronate
Specially formulated to use individually, each portion is generous so slather on!
Instructions are simple
1. Cleanse face
2. Prepare the Gel and mix CO2 powder in 
3. Mix within 10 seconds 
4. Apply immediately and leave for 30-45 minutes
All the goodness in the gel pack~
CO2 Powder Sachet
Mix in the powder (Dun need to mix in well, agar diu ho)
Apply and use up all the gel ok? Dun be a stingy person (like me usually) and try to apply a thin layer of mask - this one cannot hor! #DunSayINeverSay
Just to add, each box comes with this super luxurious face sponge to help you remove your eFresh mask effectively and quickly! You can use the spoon to scrap off any excess but this sponge really feels so comforting, like a pampering facial!
Super thick and sponge-y!
The results!
Personally I saw more results with the eFresh Stem Cell Mask or maybe coz I just gave birth and in confinement so my skin is in dire need of pampering?? LOL. I like how there was a glow to my skin and at the same time, it also felt taut and had a brightening overall look. My face felt nice and matte, like the mask has tighten my pores - giving it an 'airbrushed' feel. Pictures here have no filter or touch-ups. 😊 If I were to compare the CO2 Aqua Mask with this, I would use the Stem Cell Mask if I have a special event coming up, and then alternate the Aqua mask to replenish moisture and help maintain clear skin. 💓 *Tip : You can do the eFresh 5 Day challenge - Using the mask 5x in a row. I head that it gives absolute amazing results!
The eFresh Stem Cell Mask retails at $120 for a box of 5 pieces and is available here : https://efreshsingapore.com/collections/co2-mask/products/stem-cell-co2-mask-5-pieces-per-box
Quote ELAINE10 for 10% off all purchases til end of Oct 2017.
For more info, please head to : 
eFresh Website : https://efreshsingapore.com
eFresh Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/efreshsg
Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to Baby Elric's newborn photo shoot at home tomorrow! 

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