Elroy and Elric Updates at Home

Friday, October 27, 2017

I swear all I did was to blink my eyes and boomz its almost a month since Baby Elric was born. The boys are napping now and I have a slight breather in between while they sleep to blog proper coz Elroy will usually ask me not to 'work' coz he wants to play with me. Awwww 😘 ~ Truthfully I've been very guilty of using my handphone waaay too much around the house, I guess its the only thing that is keeping me sane from staying home all day during confinement. I really wonder how people did it in the past? Like no hp, no TV.. do wat sialll????
Elroy and Elric Updates at Home
Elric below, around a few days old
Confinement breakfast by my previous confinement nanny. Im not sure if you have been following me on my social media platforms but yes, my original nanny came late (arrived one day after I was supposed to be discharged coz she missed her bus) and then just as things begin to settle down, she decided that she was homesick and worried about her family so we have no choice but to let her go and get another replacement from the agency. She's quite soft-spoken and gentle with baby but very very blur... I mean she can ask me the same question over and over again. Like super forgetful de..! Even a simple thing like macaroni.. she asked me twice how to cook it coz she has never really cooked pasta before. Say whatttt. 😓
The little one's face cracks me up all the time. Like YUSO grumpy!
Cooking-wise she was ok I guess.. I have to specify what to cook coz she cant seem to make up her mind. Like my mil told me when they went to the market, she would buy something then forget another ingredient. Im not sure why also. Confinement food agak agak all the same ingredients one, really. 
Stealing glances at his brother 
Our sleep situation every afternoon when I put the boys down for their nap
Elric also has prolonged jaundice which meant that I had to stop my herbs and reduce my ginger intake coz Im breastfeeding. Thankfully he manage to gain a good amount of weight which means his diaper output is good so we just kept going back to the PD to check his jaundice levels to make sure its not increasing.
Luckily Raffles Medical uses a scanner to check jaundice levels. Cant imagine pricking the poor newborn every two days! Sure cry the clinic down man
Our PD Dr Wendy - who is also kor kor's PD.
I love having mee sua for breakfast! Although I usually give all the pork parts to my hubby instead keke.
The first time I caught didi smiling on camera!
Another day, another check...
Yellow yellow dirty fellow? LOL
Im exhausted to say the least.. exhausting to keep going back to the hospital for the jaundice check and then afraid that if he doesnt get well, he needs to be admitted for phototherapy which Im really reluctant coz it makes them so sleepy and weak 😟 So I kept praying and praying hoping that didi will get well soon. 🙏
Super duper grateful and thankful for everyone who sent presents for didi! Sponsors and friends, thank you all so much! 💗
Bak kut bee hoon - yums!
Another afternoon nap lol
Elric seem to be putting on weight nicely so I was glad
Still abit yellow here though #MilkComa
My absolute favorite confinement food!! Pork leg vinegar 
Sometimes I try to keep them apart coz this kor kor got flying legs and there was once he put his feet on didi's face OH MY TIAN I nearly fainted 
Wore my JumpEatCry Kimono dress! Super convenient to nurse in...
It was my mum's birthday and coz Im in confinement the whole kampong got to celebrate at home 
A side by side comparison of my boys - look alike ma???
Lastly .. so thankful like after 103049 visits to the PD, she declared that Elric's jaundice should be under control and that we dont need to head back to check anymore yays! 🙌 Other than that.. life is uneventful but seeing both of them everyday growing and eating/drinking well .. that makes my life complete. Very complete. :)
Thanks for dropping by! The boys are awake so I have to go 💙
Back soon! 

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