PSLOVE Non-Medicated Heat Relief Review

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ever since I gave birth, I have been experiencing soreness especially due to prolonged periods of breastfeeding coz I tend to sit in one position for some time. Just like while working in an office, typing away on the laptop - don't you realize u get a backache or shoulder-ache after awhile? Like u constantly need to stretch your muscles or just change another sitting position etc. 
PSLOVE Non-Medicated Heat Relief Review 
Each product is carefully designed to fit the contours of your body. PSLOVE calibrated the heat released to suit the intensity of pain to be relieved, with MenstruHeat being the hottest, followed by BackHeat and NeckHeat.
Their brand promise is simple - To provide comfort and relief for ladies in pain
These handy packs are really lightweight and portable. I have a hot water bottle that I use for my backaches but its heavy and I need to have a ready hot water outlet to use it. For the PSLOVE Heat relief packs - each convenient packet can be used once, for 12 hours. Simply tear open and it activates!
Common areas like Menstrual cramps, Backaches and Shoulder Pain
Back Pain Relief - Soothes back aches and pain and is ergonomically designed to fit your back
Menstrual Cramp Relief - Soothes menstrual cramp and is ergonomically designed to fit your abdomen 
Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief
Neck Heat - Soothes neck and shoulder aches and pain with natural heat
Each pack comes with a flexible design which can be split into 2
You can either put it over one shoulder by tearing it apart, or place the whole patch directly
The Neck Heat pack is of medium heat and you can adjust the patch's heat by either using it on top of your shirt (so lesser contact with skin, thus lesser heat) or directly on your skin as body heat will speed up heating. If you have sensitive skin, do take precaution as it can feel quite hot. Remove immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain. 
I like to tear off the PSLOVE Neck Heat pack and use the patch on my right shoulder especially as that is where I feel most achy coz didi is getting heavier by the day! For me personally I find the heat bearable, like its warm but not uncomfortable or anything. The reusable adhesive is user-friendly coz sometimes I just remove it and use it on another part of my shoulders and its fine. Also, the heat lasted quite long (able to go on for 12 hours). I think its a handy pack to keep in your bag or office to relieve aching if you are prone to it. Simply open and its activated! Very convenient. 
PSLOVE products retails for $2.45 per pack and are available at all Watsons stores and online here : They even have a subscription plan for regular users.
For more info, please head to :
PSLOVE Website :
PSLOVE Facebook Page :

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