Simple Macaroni Recipe Using LILO Premium Ikan Bilis Powder

Friday, June 02, 2017

As a full time SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mum) to a toddler, mealtimes (or just life in general LOL) can be a hectic thing. Besides caring for the little one, sending and picking him up from school, buying groceries, cooking, putting him down for a nap.. the list goes on man, - sometimes 24 hours in a day is just not enough!  Just today for instance. Elroy has abit of a cough so I decided to keep him out of school and off we went to see the PD. Upon reaching home, it was a mad dash trying to use whatever ingredients I have in my fridge to whip up something simple, filling and nutritious for the recovering boy. 
LILO Premium Ikan Bilis Powder 
A quick and handy Mummy-secret-weapon that I always have in my pantry! Using only premium Ikan Bilis from Pangkor Malaysia, LILO Homemade Ikan Bilis Powder are all sealed for freshness so there are definitely no mess or spills during the delivery process! Each purchase includes a small spoon for convenience, too. So cute! The powder has no preservatives, no MSG and are all 100% homemade by a mummy herself who just wanted to make fresh ikan bilis for her own toddler!
Ikan Bilis is actually very nutritious for a growing baby, rich in many minerals especially protein and calcium if the bones are left intact. Its a traditional recipe passed down from generations to add homemade ikan bilis powder to a baby's porridge for additional taste and nutrition! In fact my mum and MIL recommended that I use ikan bilis when Elroy was starting solids! But lazy me... No time to make la 😝
I can smell the Ikan Bilis fragrance once I open the lid! Its not too salty, very fine also. 
Almost melts in mouth kind! 
As Ikan Bilis can be high in sodium, one must always soak the ikan bilis (but not too long else there is no flavor..!) before air-drying it and then baking it before blending it finely. Powder should be sieved several times and then blended again so you can easily add into baby or toddler's meal eg porridge or soup. See online recipe : HERE (if you wish to DIY)
Only the best for our little ones! 💜
Simple Macaroni Soup Recipe 
Using whatever I have in my fridge, I took some :
Broccoli, Carrots, Corn, Mushrooms and Threadfin Fish.
Method - Pre-cook macaroni al dente 
Simply chop vegetables into bite size pieces and add to water. Boil on high heat, once boiling,  turn low heat to leave vegetable stock to simmer. Once almost done, add Ikan Bilis Powder (Taste to adjust amount, starting with 1/3 scoop provided with powder for one single portion and add more if desired) Add Fish, Broccoli and Goji Berries. Allow to cook, lastly add cooked macaroni in. Stir and serve immediately. 
Homemade goodness! Elroy loved it and he kept saying "Ma-ca-LO-LI" 😁
LILO Premium Ikan Bilis Powder retails for $15 for one bottle (50g). Buy 2 for Free normal mail and 4 bottle for Free Smartpac. All orders are baked fresh upon ordering with a shelf life of 1 year. In addition, please remember to store it in the fridge once you open it :)
For orders and more info, please head to : LILO Homemade Ikan Bilis Powder Facebook Page
* As a general guideline, test baby for allergies by offering a small amount first.
For more info, please head to :
LILO Ikan Bilis Powder Instagram :
Thanks for looking! xo
You see this boy.. when I ask him take picture he show me this face. 😒

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