Cher-a-Bite Lactation Cookies Review

Monday, October 30, 2017

Ello! So finally I can take a break and blog proper while the toddler is in school and the newborn is sleeping (the only pockets of time that I can spare to get some work done!) Was busy recently over the planning of Elric's Full Month Party (post to come soon) - and also with my 2 1/2 hourly Jamu massage during my confinement in the morning, to which I cant really get any work done when the toddler is back. The massage package has since finished, so now Im back to working on my backlogged posts. Anyways.. have I mentioned that I was craving cookies during confinement?? IDK why but I was in need of chocolate!
Cher-a-Bite Lactation Cookies Review
Being a breastfeeding mother, the best way to make your calories worth is to ether bake some lactation cookies or if you are lazy like me - go order some! 😝
So basically whats a lactation cookie? These are cookies with milk-boosting ingredients, mainly oats, brewers yeast and coconut oil etc. Some bakers, like Cher-a-Bite, use only organic ingredients and will only bake fresh upon order!
The unique thing about Cher-a-Bite is that they have these really yummy Lactation Bars which are a combination of Organic Brown Rice Cereal, flaxseed, with added ingredients like oats, chocolate chips or even nuts etc.
I love how convenient these bars are, and totally easy to bring some out and have a snack. Individually packed, these ensure freshness and no-mess, really!
Its hard to stop at one.....
Looking at the choco bits... oh my I want some now!
Cher-a-Bite also have their popular cookie options with flavors like chocolate chip, pure oats and fruits and nuts. They even do customization so just let them what ingredients you want!
Densely packed with oats 
The chocolate chip ones are really delicious with a good portion of chocolate bits.
I love how these come in resealable bags, so they keep very well! Open then seal for freshness. 
These lactation cookies make a perfect tea time snack for breastfeeding mummies! 
Well if you ask me if they work? Some tips and guidelines to follow while eating lactation bakes. 
- Always drink a cup of water before and after consuming 
- Eat 4-6 pieces of cookies each time
- Always try to empty breasts by nursing/pumping frequently
- Nurse baby on demand and change sides, drinking lots of fluids in between 
- Do not offer alternative feeds like formula if possible as the lesser you empty your breasts, it will signal your supply to reduce. 
- Try to not offer pacifiers when you are building up your supply
- You can Power Pump inbetween feeds to boost your supply
I direct latch on demand, but I have a small stash of frozen milk just in case so at the moment Im quite happy with my supply. Here's a quick DIY breastmilk storage tray that I did to place in my freezer! Its really simple, hygienic and convenient. I simply used an empty box that is large enough to fit my milk bags, cut a small hole at the bottom and place frozen milk in - the latest date on the top. To use, simply pull out milkbag from bottom! Taaa-dah! *Idea from Pinterest 
I love how the cookies taste and its easy to get carried away and eat more than Im supposed to! The lactation bars are my absolute favorite and I have to stop myself from eating more than I really should. I really find these Lactation bars super delicious :
 Always remember to drink ALOT of water. Even though Im in confinement, I drink plain cooled boiled water in addition with my red date tea. Keeping yourself well hydrated is the key but these are a great way to help boost your supply while having a treat!
For more info, please head to :
Cher-a-Bite Website :
Cher-a-Bite Facebook Page :
Quote "elaine15" for 15% off all purchases with a minimum spending of $50 
Thanks for dropping by ~ Toddler is back so I need to go entertain him and start my mummy duties lol


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