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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day :D
Its the start of a wonderful public holiday and I really wanted to do a skincare/makeup and hair post for everyone here.
I named it the 'Born this way' tutorial : inspired by the one & only Lady Gaga .. who in all her audacity, - simply want to be accepted.
This look might not be an everyday look, but it's fun, fearless and even with all the makeup and hair styling .. its meant to make you look like you're born this way.
My easy 5 step skincare products
Start with freshly washed skin.
Either use you palms (like in the commercials) or a cotton pad to apply Facial Treatment Essence
I really like my Klair's Illuminating Supple Serum coz I had dry tanned skin after coming back from Cambodia and after regular use of this Klair's series .. I really could see the whitening effects!
(See the difference between my face and body!)
Im using the Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence before my regular eye cream to combat dark eye circles and wrinkles.
This is my La Mer Eye Concentrate.
A little goes a long way.
This is the moisturiser from the Klair's Illuminating Supple series.
It contains effective skin brighteners such as arbutin and perilla frutescens leaf extracts that contain osmarinic acid to assist in maximum skin brightening, hence the whitening.
With patented ingredient Phyto-Oligo*, supple serum has been specially formulated with Organic Complex* to nourish and moisturize skin. 
I wake up with baby soft skin! #truestory
Apply to whole face including neck.
Skin feels supple and moisturized.
Let the skin absorb all the goodness of your skincare products before prepping it for makeup.
I didnt list them out individually in this pic becoz there are too many to list!
However I've written it down along with the pictures later. 
If you have questions about the products - feel free to leave me a tag. :)
Primer :
I think girls often leave this most important step out and pile on their foundation/compact powder etc when they find their makeup oxidizing. 
A primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment and many of them come with additional features like SPF or brightening effects besides helping your makeup stay longer. 
Here Im using Banila Co.'s Hydrating Shimmer which has pearl iridescent to add a glow to my skin.
I really like this primer! Its not oily and it didnt break me out like NARS primer.
It was light and shimmery and my foundation did not oxidized as compared to using it without primer.
Foundation :
 I usually use my Cle De Peau(CDP)/ZA foundation or just BB cream if Im lazy ..  
but I recently bought the Jill Stuart range of makeup 
(and posted it here!) so I wanted to use more of their makeup in this tutorial.
Concealor :
My #foreverlove concealor is the CDP stick concealor in Ocre. 
Its creamy and doesnt sit in fine lines and wrinkles. However its crazily expensive and is more of an indulgence to use it everyday! Covermark & MAC also does great concealors.
Loose Powder :
Once again Im using Jill Stuart here although I normally use my CDP loose powder to set my makeup.
My CDP loose powder has finely milled powder for a matte finish, while this JS loose powder has some glitter.
Eyeshadow : (Base colour)
I dun normally wear eyeshadow but Im using the JS Fragil Opal colours becoz I wanted to add some depth to my eyes esp when I will be using both top & bottom lashes for this look later.
Use a white or cream eyeshadow over eyelids.
Eyebrows :
Eyebrows should be ideally 2 shades darker than hair but with the latest Gyaru fashion - its uncommon to use light brown eyebrow pencils or mascara to lighten brows.
I personally love this look although I dun go crazy over it coz my hair's pretty dark so I'll look really weird with super light eyebrows!
Eyeshadow : (Dominate colour)
You can use green/blue/purple if you prefer but here Im using the darkest shade of brown in the Fragil Opal palette.
Eyeliner : (Gel/Liquid/Pencil)
I've fallen in love with gel liners ever since I received the Hope Girl's gel liner in black but here Im using my JS gel liner in brown. It gives the defined look of liquid liners but without the hassle! 
I had mistakes with liquid but so far the gel liners are pretty idiot proof! 
I dun use dark pencil liners anymore coz they smudge easily.
White Eyeliner : (For waterlines)
This step could be omitted but I really like how shimmery light colour (pearl/white/cream/gold) could open up tired eyes! Great for lazy days when all you wanna do is sleep.  
Continue to use the dominate colour (mine's brown here) to line your undereyes preparing for false lashes.
Use your eyeliner to define ur eyes by drawing it close to your waterline, but avoiding the white liner.
False EyeLashes :
I actually curl my lashes BEFORE applying them for a more 'awake' look.
This is actually my first attempt at bottom lashes (individually stuck on!) and I think I look like abit scary! 
But for fun! :D
Blusher :
I always apply blusher last if I have dramatic eye makeup on becoz I dun want to overpower the blusher look ~ And if you have heavy eyes, keep blusher and lips soft and light.
Here Im using my JS candy orange blusher.
Shimmer :
If you dun know already.... I do love my shimmer!
But to avoid looking like a greased disco-ball, apply it lightly under eyes and at the inner corner of your eyes, between your nose for fresh look. The shimmer will reflect light and deflect dark eye circles.
(A nice trick I learnt during my flying days!) 
I actually tried this hairstyle when I was lazy to blow my hair (as I normally would!) during my staycation in Sentosa last week.
So I decided to braid it and pin my fringe back! 
I will be only using a grand total of 1 pin for the hairstyle becoz I didnt bring anything else to Sentosa that day!
If you have very short fringe, you have to spray some hairspray to avoid flyaways.
Pin your fringe/hair to the side.
Taking a lock of hair, start braiding.
Here's how it looks like.
Start curling hair.
Apply some wax or hairspray to tame baby hair and you're done! :)

Hope you enjoy my Born This Way tutorial!
Im using Jill Stuart Lipgloss in 103 Candy Kiss.
If you prefer some volume - simply use 2 more pins and pin both sides up.
" 'Born this Way' is about being yourself, and loving who you are and being proud." - Lady Gaga

My Outfit of the Day.
P.S Dun fret if you are afraid of removing all that makeup! 
I'm using Banila Co.'s Clean It Zero Makeup Remover and it is really the best remover that I have ever used! Its feels like sherbet but works better than oil!
Thank you pixies for looking!
Have a great week ahead!
Good luck xoxoxoxoxo

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Have fun!

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  1. Love the braid drive look!!! So pretty!!! So gonna try next time!! Hehe

  2. Thank you!And all you need is ONE pin! Kekekeke! :D


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