Mummy's 60th Birthday

Friday, November 02, 2012

Awhile back we celebrated my mum's 60th birthday together
Bought her huge flowers too!
And of all the dinner choices that I proposed, my mum had plans of her own!
I seriously think she has been watching too many Korean dramas.
And we always come back to this Korean BBQ place at the Esplanade for the quality of the food here.
We ordered the wagyu beef selection and pork belly.
I bought cake too!
Happy Birthday Mummy!
Make a wish~!
And since my mum commented that she cant decide between the black or red Longchamp bag.. I promptly bought BOTH! Problem solved. :)
Went for drinks after the hearty meal
My family! 
The bar was sooo pretty and I cant help but to go in and take pictures with my new ClubCouture Faith Dress!
I actually love to sit at the bar, coz I get to see how the bartender mixes the drinks, or sometimes its fun to make small talk with the wait staff and most of them are really nice too!
I hope my mummy likes her present! :D
Have a great start to the weekend everyone! TGIF! xoxoxo
Off to watch Skyfall tonight! Yay!
Special Thanks once again to ClubCouture
All readers can simply quote 'ELAINE73' at checkout for 10% discount off all items. Happy Shopping! 

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