Pho Stop Lunch Break

Saturday, November 03, 2012

There is nothing more gratifying than having a bowl of hot slurply noodles on a gloomy afternoon. 
Tucked right at the corner of a stretch of Tanjong pagar shophouses, Pho Stop was a place that hubs and I have always wanted to try! And we were delighted that it was open! (After driving pass the closed establishment umpteenth times like what seemed like eternity)
Walking in, I was immediately transported back to Soho, - with the hippie art crowd and minimalistic decor and clean lines.
Sideline alittle here with my new pink and blue frame Ray Bans! Love it!
We walked in around 1.30pm for a late lunch and it was still extremely busy!
I had to get me some of that Vietnamese drip coffee! 
Unfortunately everything I wanted was out that day (chicken broth noodles, fried spring rolls, fresh spring rolls..) so I stuck to beef noodles. 
When in doubt, just order less.
Instagram first!
I liked the simple soup base, although I felt that it wasnt flavorful enough - I also didnt need to down glasses of water after the meal. The beef was nothing out of the ordinary, and the noodles was slightly too soft and stuck together so I was eating it in clumps. I liked the chili though, there was enough kick & spiciness for me when I dipped my beefballs in it. 
But all in all .. will we come back? 
Nah .. the combination of a busy lunch crowd and lack of menu choices seem like a bad idea to brave parallel parking in Tanjong Pagar. 
But I was thankful to have the hubs with me that day .. in our never-ending quest to find the best Vietnamese beef noodles in town. 
Have a great weekend yo!
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