Watson's Re-opening Event at Takashimaya

Monday, November 26, 2012

Earlier in the month, I attended the Watson's Re-opening at Takashimaya Shopping Centre with some of my blogger and Watson's ambassador friends! :D
Say hello to a Bigger, Bolder and Better Watson's!
Canepes and macaroons before the start of the opening ceremony :)
The pretty host introducing the new store front
The new store, Watsons’ largest in Singapore, - holds many first-of-its-kind retail concepts:
-  A dedicated Cosmetics Play Area which will hold in-store beauty activities every two weeks 
(makeovers, cosmetics/skincare try-outs, haircare etc)
-  A Baby & Wellness Corner where parents can find products from Nutrition and Personal Care to Health Supplements, and get parenting tips and advice from specialists
-  A Men’s Corner offering the latest skincare, personal and grooming items just for men
-  A Semi-Professional Hair Wall with products ranging from salon-inspired hair care items to solution-based treatments
Ribbon cutting ceremony by the management of Watson's
Congrats Watson's!!!
Then suddenly... I heard a very loud and familiar .. "Dong dong cheng~!" 
Lion dance anyone???!
There was not 1, but 2 lions that day!
Wow .. I can really feel the excitement in the air as the guests and passer-bys alike all stop (conversation is nearly impossible lol) to watch the the exciting lion dance performance!
We were right in the front so we kindly got 'showered' with gold coins!!! 
(Look what the lion has in its mouth!)
Very intense concentration k!
And finally... the moment that every uncle & auntie in the crowd was waiting for ...
Lucky number!!!
If you can decipher the number, please go and buy 4D. 
If strike, then buy me lunch k thank u arh.
Let the show begin!
Woohoo~ pretty models in gym gear
This male models very handsome right! 
Even the show armpit one also show until very shuai~! YUSO cute one!!!
After much ogling *ahem* an interesting show, the girls decided to head for teabreak before starting our SHOPPING JOURNEY AT WATSON'S!
My pretty and wonderful company that afternoon!
Moonberry dropped by for awhile but she had another meeting so she left before we had the chance to take pictures! But here's pretty Jaime and me
Lovely Karen and I! We had alot of fun talking the afternoon away, while waiting for the crowd to dispense alittle so we dun have to queue haha! 
And look what I came home with. 
I love shopping at Watson's! They house such a huge selection of items and brands, Im so spoilt for choice each and every time I step into the store! And by being a Watson's card member, I get additional discounts on occasions and even a cash rebate! So get your member card if you dun have one already! :D
Take care xoxo!
Thanks for the lovely time babes! *heart*
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