When the Milly's Leopards Meets

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Started off the day with a bang!
It was another bright and sunny day - Perfect to go get my nails done at Milly's
Popped by the most (in)famous cupcake shop lol to get some for the girls xx Poor me kena pushed by ang moh on the way there so my cupcakes ended up like this!
Here we go!
Starting the process ~
Trimmed my cuticles and got rid of previous nail design to start brand new! 
Had slight pink eyes again! FML.
I have absolutely no idea what design I wanted this time round, except that it has to be LEOPARD PREENS! So the kind staff gave me some nail magazines to glance through while they work on my nails.
I also looked at the colours carefully .. to decide if I wanted a pink, purple, black or neutral based colour for the leopard preens! Ahhhh~ decisions decisions :p
I would always encourage girls to have something in mind or even better, - do some homework beforehand and snap a picture to show the manicurist before they work on your nails. :)
Some examples found in Milly's shop 
Gradient nails are pretty nice too!
Tools of the trade
My trusted nail technician working earnestly 
Im a happy girl!
Did my pedicure at the same time
The classic pedicure includes removal of old nail polish, soaking of feet to soften skin, followed by cuticle & dead skin removal.
Applying top coat
And I chose a sand coloured nail polish from OPI for my toes
Love it!
Back to my hands lol
Look Ma! Bare hands (and nails!)
Here's a sneak of what we used that day!
An assortment of 3D diamonds!
Diamonds diamonds and more diamonds!
ZOMG too excited~ here we go!
Hand painted leopard prints
Done in a french manicure way with Gelish
And lastly .......
My wonderful creation by Milly's! 
Part 2
Everytime Im here, I see girl doing hair extensions and Im very very tempted!!!!
Its total amazeballs when I see girls with really short hair come out of the salon with long hair! What sorcery is that! Why they look so different!
But I do alot of hot yoga so extensions might be out of the question for me :(
But I can do...  ONE strand!
Yes! You heard me correctly :p
I wanted something different .. yet will not shock my husband when he gets home.
How about a PINK look without bleaching my hair!
Takes about a breezy 2 mins, tops.
Tucked under my hair!
Trimming away the length to match my own hair
Peek a boo Pinky!
Totally convenient and reversible! Without any damage to my existing locks~ 
Just for a fun look! I love it!
Thank you my dearest Milly's for everything! xoxo
UPDATE: I've been getting sooo sooo many sweet compliments from friend and strangers alike on my lovely nails! Its so cute when Im looking at stuff and the salesgirls start asking to look at my nails! LOL However I need to let you all know that diamonds might fall off over time but all you need is some nail glue from Daiso and you're good to go again! :D
Here's another look at my leopard preen lovelies! 
You can also look at my Milly's journey : Here and Here! 
(With instructions on how to get there!)
Back soon! xo
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  1. i love your lipstick colour in the first picture. may i knpw what lipstick brand n colour is tat? tks tks

  2. Hi dear! Its a Japanese brand called Lavshuca colour : Pk-5 :)
    (If i got the colour correctly! )


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