Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste Review

Sunday, March 16, 2014

[Advertorial Review] Darlie has always been one of the household brands that I have been using ever since I was a small girl. I remember waking up in the morning and reaching out to brush my teeth with good old' trusty Darlie before heading to school. As the years go by, and even now as I live with my hubby, I still use Darlie! So when Darlie offered to send me their latest Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste that promises to keep bad breath away for up to 12 hours*, I really can't say no to them!
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Darlie is a trusted market leader with expertise in oral health care offering quality, innovative solutions to meet evolving consumer needs.
Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste
Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste includes an advance, active Zinc Citrate formula, which provides all rounded care for oral health. 
- Attacks source of Bad Breath
 Defends against bacteria build up by forming a protective shield 
Before using Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste 
With such Attack - Defend system, bad breath can be kept at bay through simple oral hygiene regime daily giving you the 12 hours of fresh breath you always wanted!
*NEW* Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste
The Active Zinc Citrate formula can minimize the formation of dental plaque and tartar for long period of time, which effectively removes unpleasant smell forming in the oral area, in turn providing long periods of protection for good oral breath. 
Available in two sizes : 120 grams @ S$5.90, 40 grams @ S$3.00
Clinically proven 12 hours against bad breath. The advanced formulation contains Zinc Citrate that effectively reduces oral bacteria and helps protect against bad breath.
First Impressions : The Darlie Expert Fresh comes in a convenient lift-lid tube and the white-green colors is clean and fresh-looking. The toothpaste itself has a gel-like consistency with a fresh minty smell. There are clear instructions and a comprehensive ingredient list on the back of the packaging with the expiry dates stated. It is also suitable small for children. Simpy use pea-size amount of toothpaste for kids aged 6 and younger.
The Toothpaste Test
How to brush teeth properly and effectively?
It takes two minutes to properly brush your teeth. A lot of adults don't come close to brushing their teeth for that long. Carefully brush your teeth by using short, gentle strokes, paying extra attention to the gumline, hard-to-reach back teeth and areas around fillings, crowns or other restorations. 
- Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
- Clean the inner surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
- Clean the chewing surfaces
- For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too!
How to brush your teeth : 
Make sure your brush for two minutes at least!
Overall Review : I love the fresh minty taste of the Darlie Expert Fresh! It felt refreshing and not too over-powering at all! Most importantly, I liked how fresh my teeth and breath felt after brushing and due to its new Active Zinc Citrate formula, - I did observe that it prevented plaque build-up effectively. My mouth felt cleaner even after food intake and although I recommend brushing teeth after every meal, sometimes its just not feasible especially if Im outside and have errands to run. But after using the Darlie Expert Fresh, I found that my teeth and breath felt fresher over a longer period of time. Lastly, this formula is both suitable for adults and children alike, so it is cost-effective to share this with the family. I recommend this for anyone who would like have a toothpaste that provides an all rounded care for oral health. Available at all supermarkets and personal health stores.
Thank you Darlie and Samplestore!
*Latest Promotion*
Simply purchase $12 worth of Darlie products and be the first 250 valid entries to redeem $20 World of Sports vouchers!
For more updates and information, please head to :
Darlie Website : http://www.darlie.com.sg/
To Redeem a FREE Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste sample :
Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste is available at selected NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores from March 2014
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