Ezann's Birthday Yacht Party

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hi guys! This week was amazingly crazy and I was so busy that I almost couldnt find anytime to sit down properly to write! Infact, Im just done with an early morning yoga class and rushing off to meet my girl friends for lunch (and dinner!) ~ phew! On Tuesday I was out at sea fishing and suddenly I remembered that I have pictures from a yacht party that I attended recently .. but haven post! Kekekeke! So here's a quick personal post from my friend Ezann's birthday party from some weeks back! 
The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL as Ezann gathered afew friends to celebrate her belated birthday!
Preparing to head out to sea
Good friends ~!
As we set sail off ONE°15, we could see the lovely Sentosa skyline and apartments
Basking in the sunlight!
Anyone called for a dose of Titanic?
Relac one corner 
Get ready, get set, POSE!
The wind was strong but it was indeed a wonderful day to be out at sea!
Lets cut CAKE!
We got Ezann another Hello Kitty agar agar cake coz she loves Hello Kitty! (like me!!!)
Happy Birthday Ezann!
Group picture!
Love this picture by Zi!
The cake looks so cute, too!
Lucky girl with her two cakes!
Headed in the cabin for cake cutting 
I want to kop the Hello Kitty balloon home ahahahha! (No la I didnt please zzz)
One, two, three blowww candle!
Erm hello not your birthday but #alsocan
Some pictures were totally too ROFL so these are the mild ones!
Pattern more than badminton! LOLLLLLL
It was truly a fun day out at sea with friends and it was laughter, laughter the whole time! I guess maybe it was the champagne too ...........
But I wish you a Happy, Happy Kitty Birthday dear Ezann, with all the happiness in the world and may all your wishes come true. :)Thanks for having us and we hope u had as much fun as we nonsense-ed on the boat! Love ya xo
Thanks for dropping guy, everyone! 
Back soon xo.
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hiiiiiii! Would like to know whr to buy the hello kitty cai yan cake & how much does it costs? :)

  3. Hey Elaine,

    Jasmine here ah. Flew with you before and am an avid reader of ur blogs. May I know where you did the hello kitty jelly as want to do for my niece birthday that's coming on the 15 apr. appreciate your help ya. Thanks

  4. Hi all! U can contact Mr James at 97888907 for the Hello Kitty agar agar cake :)

    p.s hi jasmine! Really! Small world n thk u for dropping by!!! :D

  5. I think you guys more enjoy in middle of the beach. This is super birthday and unique. One thing is really very good in your blog that is your birthday cake.


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