Attending a Barbie Birthday

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

[Personal] Having a baby has opened my eyes up to a whole new world of children parties, game planning, pretty fondant cakes and present buying! Before I had Elroy, I seriously never put much thought to birthday parties. All my parties just involved alcohol. The more, the merrier. When I was into my last trimester with baby, I planned his full month party while waiting for him to pop. Very quite kiasu people say, but it was almost effortless coz I sourced everything early and did a fair bit of research and gave proper instructions to vendors so everything went rather smoothly on the day itself. I wished I've known this when I was planning my wedding LOL! And now with baby Elroy.. I get to attend all my friend's awesome children parties that they were too paiseh to invite me to in the past~ haha! 
Kaelyn's 6th Birthday Party 

Loving the Barbie dessert table set-up that my girlfriend (the mummy) DIY-ed!!!! 
All PINK awesome-ness!!!! 
All look so girly & yummy! 
I even asked my girlfriend who did the dessert table set-up and she went, "I do myself lor!" Wah wah wah kudos to u dear!!!! Can come n do for Elroy too? Kekeke 
Cute macarons! 
Even the drinks are pink dun play play. 
The only baby in the party lol. 
Its a girls party so lets do some girly stuff!
All my pretty darlings with their paintings!
Spiderboyyyy and ponies! 
Time to cut the Barbieee cake!
Happy birthday my princess Kaelyn! Baby Elroy enjoyed ur party and hope u like the present he got you! 
And then we parents ended the night with sinful yummy dinner right after! 
It was a fun start to the weekend! Thanks Ngs for the party and special baby goody bag just for Elroy! He really loves the squeaky rabbit toy! 
Looking forward to another lovely weekend! xoxo 
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