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Monday, July 06, 2015

[Personal] Actually I typed out a long ass entry last night only to have the stupid app (I blog from my hp nowadays) crash and burn on me. Anyways yesterday was Sunday and what a crazy busy day it was! I woke up bright and early to prep myself and baby for his first visit to church! Save for his Baby Dedication service, it was his first time attending church. I even prepared our outfits the night before k! Lol so everything kinda started smoothly, baby seemed to be in a happy mood, the weather was good, we arrived (quite, haha) early for service and took a seat at the allocated parent/baby section for the first time. Very exciting. It felt good to be back to our Sunday routine and attending church once again post-delivery. Baby was being a good boy, he was curious and looking around. It seemed that he was dozing off in his baby carrier. Great. The baby boy behind me was making noises, the cute little girl next to us was smiling. All seem well and uneventful. Or so I thought. 15 minutes into the service and I barely swallowed my Holy communion when suddenly I heard the loudest POOP explosion that I have ever heard in church. Then I realized it actually came from MY BABY. Husband at looked me in the eye, I looked at baby in the eye. Baby look blur (normal.) Instinctively, I swept my hands across my Tula and felt an instant wetness that set alarm bells ringing off in my head. Immediately I turned to Hubby and mouth-ed "IS THAT POO." To which he stared at me wide-eye, and with a look of horror he replied "FUCK YES." And before you can say S-H-I-T, there was two adults who grabbed a baby and ran out of the service - only to never return. *Insert crying emoji* Baby exploded all over his new shirt, (it flew up) and into my WC Tula (new). Also, we must have used up half a pack of wet wipes that morning. Had to head home to bath the poo boy and lets just say we had alot of laundry to do. 
After the dramatic morning

We got home, rushed to give baby a bath and change of clothes, washed all the poo away and then rush to attend a baby full month party! 
Congrats D & C on baby Kayden! What a handsome little boy!
Saw my cutie pies at the party too! 
Group pic #fail
Girlfriends! Happy to see everyone although we were so late due to our shit situation hahahha
We popped by Parkway to grab a bite and some baby stuff too! 
And disturb the notti 
Baby be like," Mummy can you stop kissing me." 
As baby is turning 4 months today, we got him a rocker/walker for some family tradition thingy!
Looks like a car! Quite cute eh! So today we had baby sit in it....
Vroom vroom! 
My Mil prepared steamed fish for him to "taste" and that was a ritual that hubby did when he was 4 months too! 
Good boy! 
Happy 4 months baby! There's nothing we want more in life but for u to be happy and healthy! Love you always my cheeky boy! xoxo 
Last pic before I sign off.... 
Bahhahaa disturb u only! 
Thanks for looking ~ Giveaway ending tonight 2359 so remember to join if you haven't! Back soon! 

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