Baby Brunch Time

Saturday, July 04, 2015

[Personal] Yesterday was baby brunch with my girlfriends! We met up at Mandarin Gallery for some all-day breakfast sets and coffee (Ahhhh i miss u coffeeeee) 
Baby time! 
With cutie Keizo! 

To be very honest.. The service was seriously lacking. My girlfriend prebooked seats online and specified that we have babies but they gave us counter seats with high chairs. Its abit dangerous considering that we might need to carry and hold babies. When we requested to change to sofa or at least to a lower table, the staff seemed reluctant and unhelpful. When we started to order our food, they even missed out on one main course (6 ppl, 5 main course not unusual meh?) Had to ask for iced water around 5 times before it came. And another 5 times for refill (just give me that bloody water jug I refill myself faster) and then when my friend wanted to pack her reminder sandwich home she had to sign a disclaimer form... #GotSoSeriousAnot 
Actually I also dun wan to go there. Their other branch at Scotts is slightly better.. Anyway. #lookatbaby!
And leaving u with a funny comic I did! LOL
Went shopping at Taka, bought some cute baby shorts on sale and used their fabulous nursing room (forgot to take pics, next time ba!) Baby crashed when it was time to head home keke ~ 
Have a great week ahead y'all! Still have time to join the giveaway k! xoxo








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