All Day Breakfast with my Ponies

Thursday, July 02, 2015

[Personal] Finally a day out with my girls and trying to resume life as normal as possible post-baby! Having a baby changed my routine and especially because Im a SAHM (Stay at home mum) - my schedule perpentually revolve around baby as I have no extra help, save for the occasional 15-20 min break I get when family members carry Elroy and try to entertain him while I go take a dump or something ahahha TMI. (Too much info) Back to food shall we!!! LOLOLL 
Lunch with my Ponies 

We had lunch today at Nassim Hill and I love how baby-friendly this place is! They helped me with stroller and gave us a corner seat.. Appreciate it! 
Baby with all his chio aunties
Missed them so much! #ponylove
Candid shot hahahaha #takglam 
My human muah cheeeee 
Food is here!! 
Although it was a short catch up, I had fun and cant wait to meet them soon! Headed to Great world to grab some stuff with baby right after :) 
The nursing room is quite clean & chio!! 
Popped by Motherworks (hahaha my fave store) to see baby stuff! 
Thanks manager Lai ying who not only remembered me and also kindly help adjust baby's stroller to make it more comfortable for him coz his butt, like me, quite big laaaa... 
Yay! Better now baby? 
Looking at some books and flashcards... 
Happy pill! Then later in the car..... 
Hahaha til then! 
Back soon xx















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