A Not So Secret Birthday Party

Thursday, July 23, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Let you all see a big ass #selfie pic of myself becox dun wan to keep posting baby pic first in my posts LOLOLL #Notshy. 
Was on the way to a secret surprise birthday party with hubby & baby in tow! This is how I try to divert baby's attention away from the fact that he has to stay put in a carseat haaa
Dangle some furry noisy toy infront of him... Else his face will be #sianlikepotato

Our friend organized a really sweet surprise for her hubby but ALAS ~~~~ birthday boy saw the familiar cars outside his house area and then we had to bump into him right at his gate *insert facepalm* 
Show food pic coz surprise #fail oops
BBQ satay! 
Girlfriends and baby! 
Carry carry all please carry fatty for me thanks! 
Babywear so I can be handsfree and continue eating and drinking (abit of) bubbly woots woots ~
Drink New Moon collagen drink yummy!!! 
Just chillaxing 
Before we knew it, its getting late so lets prepare the CAKE! 
Ok... The cake shop spelt birthday boy name WRONGLY zzzzzzz 
ANYWAYS! Haha who ask he got so special name :p
Happy birthday S!!! Haha! Hope we gotcha! And we celebrated ur birthday twice! 
Really hope ur dream will come true this year! Fighting! 
Then today.... Trimmed baby's hair outside the house haha! I ish can be David Gan too! My son become my model! #stunnedlikevegetable #foreverlook
Hehehe ok I go watch my chinese show liao! Bye! TGIF and weekend coming liao! Happy happy~! xo 
Sophie giraffe 太好吃了!

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