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Saturday, July 11, 2015

[Personal] "Another baby fair???" My hubby lamented when I told him, (told, not ask lol) that that's where we will be spending our Friday morning. 
Even the son is bored. 
Kidding! We are all very excited to go shopping right....! 

Living 5 mins away from Expo, we dun have a reason not to go! I mean, I love shopping (who doesnt) and particularly if its a good buy! However, sometimes there might be better promotions online or during a sale, so some homework and price comparision is usually needed before you go all trigger happy and start buying everything you see at a baby fair. The best time to start shopping is when you're preggy and have some energy to shop around and research by asking experienced friends. Personally I did my shopping quite last minute, but I was glad I had the advice from Motherworks at that time! Else it would really be diasterous. Blind leading the blind! (Me and hubby.. We totally had no clue then lol) But now, quite expert already! Ahahha! 
Off to breakfast first!
My fav kind of breakfast! Teh.. Eggs and toast! Yumssss
Eat liao got energy to shop mah
Lai liao.. Lai liao
Chiong arh! Baby wear baby coz want to use pram for shopping instead LOLOL
This sign quite funny 
We were pretty early and its a weekday so the crowd was still manageable. 
The best deals for pumps, milk bottles and milk bags + baby essentials are usually at baby fairs. I love getting things like cotton, cotton buds, breastpads etc in bulk during such fairs :)
Saw toys but baby is too young so we didnt buy any. How cute is this pink beetle! 
Lotsa strollers too 
I saw this Hello Kitty stroller and was so excited then my hubby rolled eyes and faster walk away 
Then suddenly my hubby said.. Wah u dun ask me go Q for diapers ah!! 
Just half of the Q!! *faint* In the end I bought Goon to try coz they had a standalone booth and there was no queue lol. #lazy
Saw rockstar baby! Love their stuff but baby doesnt use pacifiers (yet) so we have a set at home still not opened! :(
Headed home.... Baby was a good boy! He fell asleep in the Tula for most of the time and woke up just as we were about to leave. 
Total haul for the day! Thanks for looking and if you are thinking about heading to the baby fair, I guess u can check it out if u have essentials to buy! Its quite alright but I think the one coming in Suntec is bigger and better though :) Take care! Happy weekend all! 




























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