Leisure Brunch at PiqueNique

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Personal] Howdy y'all! One of my favorite things to do is having all-day breakfast.. Anytime, anywhere! Met up my old schoolfriend for a fun brunch yesterday at PiqueNique with baby-in-tow ~ 
Saw cake and desserts but I still prefer macarons from Laduree though hehehe... 

I've known C for god-knows how many donkey years since secondary school and now she's my insurance agent for baby's medical insurance! I prefer to buy from friends coz I know I can find her anytime and she cant run away cox I know where she stay HAHAHAHA 
Baby's face like, "Whut" 
Food... Glorious eggs 
Can't describe how I've missed having runny eggs coz hubby forbade me to have any during pregnancy
Can't ever resist Mac & Cheese.. Like EVER. 
Pic spam cox girlfriend likes to takes peektures as much as I do :p
Baby face super one blur face
Then more! 
After our makan session, I did some shopping and headed to Taka's nursing room which is one of my absolute favorite nursing rooms in Singapore. 
Located at Level 4, children's dept
Its clean and nice smelling! 
Very spacious too. I can fit my pram easily in the nursing room 
Very private too. Individual rooms to nurse baby comfortably 
Even has changing area in the room 
And best part, a huge mirror hahaha! Can selfie with baby! LOL
More picssss 
This is how my son looks like with long hair?!!?!! 
HAHAHA okie like two siao lang in nursing room secretly taking many selfie pics and baby giggling away whenever he sees himself in the camera or mirror #laughdieme. Continued shopping at baby level and saw my friend buying toy for son! Haha! 
Otw home... 
Came home & saw my diapers delivery is here! Yay! So cute xx 
Toilet #OOTD 
Baby #BOTD (bite of the day) 
Thanks for looking! Later having kopi with the Eastside BF mummies ~ looking forward to baby dates! 
Back soon xx


























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