Millys Hair Lashes Nails 5th Store Grand Opening

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Personal + Event Launch] Wei hello! Baby is sleeping soundly so I thought I better update before I get busy entertaining him again! Btw how to entertain 4 month old babies ah! Now Im quite li hai in making monkey faces and singing silly songs that I kinda just make up as I go along coz my nursery rhymes still suck. But I scare to cause my son irreversible ear damage by singing la. Hohoho~ On ipad later he become ipad addict. Sometimes I switch on youtube but face the screen the other way so baby heard music but cannot watch the video lol. 
Millys Hair Lash Nails 5th Grand Store Opening (Pics galore!)

As you all know.. Im a vain person and before I gave birth I was still doing my eyelash extensions and gelish nails! So yesssss I wheeled into delivery ward with a full set of eyelash extensions and had the nurses all ask me where I got them done right after giving birth (they thought I stick on falsies to give birth) #truestory 
Located at Suntec now! New branch for all u OLs around the area hehe! 
Hope u like our flowers! 
This new store is HUGEEEE
The rainbow nail polishes!
Lots of mirrors and chairs for hair extension services and private rooms with modern lush beds for eyelash extensions
Okies seeee who is on the wall! #sibehnotshy 
Its in such a convenient location and this new shop feels so damn expensive but actually prices for the services still remain super reasonable ($60-100, one of the most competitive prices in the market) and I've sooo many personal friends that come here to do their eyelashes and there's absolutely no pressure selling. (ooo how I hate those myself!) 
Taking pics with my dear girls, fellow #MillyGirls Nadia & Fidelis (missing Esther though! Thanks Leon for the pics teehee) Im really grateful to have known these babes through Millys and although we dun get to meet up as much as I would like to, I am still thankful for their friendship :)
Love this pic! See this baby forever -__- face
Thanks for inviting us Milly and we wish u all the best and success! LOLOL I didnt realize the flowers we sent had this huge MONEY SIGN with bling bling muahahha #WantToHowHuat
Cannot resist an #OOTD with all the huge ass mirrors in the shop! 
Thanks for looking and here's an act cute picture of Elroy biting Sophie the giraffe this morning!
 HAHAHAHHAHA have to take picture with myself la kthxbye
"Hey monkey whatcha looking at~", from Hunk
Milly's @Suntec City 
#03-324/325 Tower 1 ( Beside True Fitness ) 
▶ Nail Services
▶ Eyelash Extension 
▶ Eyebrow Embroidery 
▶ Eyeliner Embroidery 
▶ Hair Extensions

Opening Promotion at Milly's Suntec City Branch :

Black Diamond B $50

Black Diamond A $60 

Only for the first 500 customers only

Call 6238 6216 / sms 83835395 for appointment.

Milly's @ Far East Plaza
67376723 #03-141
Milly's @ Far East Plaza
67376723 #03-131
Milly's @ BugisStreet L2 
Milly's @Bugis Cube 
6337 6876 #02-12
Milly's @Suntec City 
83835395 #03-324/325
Facebook :

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  1. Hi there, may I know what is the size of your lindy?

  2. Where do you get your Lindy? Price? Can't seemed to get it in Sg

  3. Hi! I got it from SG taka boutique :) just before chinese new year this yr :D

  4. Hi!

    You have such lovely shoes there! May I know what brand are they? Can they be found in SG?



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