Night Out at Lawry's

Saturday, July 18, 2015

[Personal] Last night we had a nice dinner with close friends at Lawry's. Although we were having second thoughts about bringing baby to an all-adult dinner, we're thankful that the hosts were very insistent that we include Elroy. Glad to say that baby was super well-behaved the whole time, though I attribute his good behaviour to baby-wearing! (Life-saver, I tell u this Tula.) 
Dinner at Lawry's
The amount of toys hanging off baby's stroller is like #omfg 

Let's go! 
"Where are you bringing me, daddy?" 
We had a private room arranged for dinner and I forgot to take pics but the restaurant were kind enough to have a nice baby chair and small plates & cutlery for baby displayed next to us! He's not on solids yet so we kept it away before he started poking a fork in his own eye. 
Hmmmm what shd we have..
Someone fell asleep at dinner! 
The famous salad bowl at Lawrys 
Shrimp cocktail
Oooo good morning! Someone woke up alreadyyyy 
Playing with all the beautiful aunties 
Lucky boy! 
Our food looked AWESOME! 
Fainted when I saw hubby's portion
Wash getting abit late for baby's bedtime so decided to Tula him to sleep while I continue dinner ~ heehee 
Baby fell asleep and mummy gets to eat in peace ~ yay! 
Din manage to capture the restaurant's staff singing birthday song but it was quite fun seeing them walk in with their old-school uniforms! Happy birthday S!
May all your wishes come true! 
The wine, bubbly, food and most of all the company was GREAT! Happy birthday once again and wishing u many returns of the day :) 
Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and Eid Mubarak to my muslim friends! xoxo



















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  1. such a coincidence!
    i saw ur posting on STL and then i think on TPF...
    wanted to get the daisypath website and ended up on your blog.
    nice blog and tula!

  2. Wow haha! Yess Im active on both sites lol!
    Thank u for dropping by Xiaoxin! :D


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