SunDate with BFFs

Sunday, July 26, 2015

[Personal] Finally BFFs & I managed to all agree to a common date to come out for lunch coz dunno why we kept having something crop up and postponing lunch/dinner/supper. When we are each juggling with work, family and life in general, Im still thankful to spend some time with the people I've known for almost half of my life, (slightly longer than half in fact!) 
Lunch at The Sushi Bar
My everything-also-bite son

Awww Mavise jie jie so sayang didi 
Boys will be boys. Got gadget no need food liao. Think next time my son same one la. 
"when I grow up I also want to play ipad"
Yummy food! 
Can please dun disturb me - says baby
The face like super sian & pek ciat lololol
"This Godma.. Titi squeeze my cheeks and keep telling me she wan bring me home!"
Love this group pic! Pic with godson & son PLUS BOTH LOOKING INTO CAMERA TYVM
Went to pick up something and some shopping~ yay! Caught the son trying to put something in his mouth again 
And finally heading home to crash ~~~ baby playing with his "laptop" that Grandma gave him yesterday! 
"Is this a Ipad??? Like abit dun look like lehhhhhh" 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Im off to bed nowwww, what a busy day today! Looking forward to next week coz we'll be off to our very first staycation with baby! Dunno what to expect. And what to pack! Any tips? :) Take care, back soon! xo 
"A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend lived through it with you."

















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