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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Personal] I look forward to weekends where I get to spend lotsa time with hubby and baby! Last Sunday we (tried) to attend church with baby-in-tow again! Despite our small incident with s**t last week, I am determined to sit in for another service again! Haha! 
Oops! Baby abuse. No laaaa sun too bright so disturb baby 
Haven done a selfie for so long! 
Baby reached church and yawn LOLLL

Baby-wear him coz no prams (so leh ceh to wait for lift etc) 
He was super curious looking around.. Looking at lights, people.. The baby behind us.. But before sermon started, baby dozed off for a good 40 mins til it was almost the end of service. Yay! 
Happy baby & us having dim sum after church 
Hubby had his fave pork liver (eeks not for me) noodles 
Kisses xo
Did alittle shopping while baby fell asleep
Then guess what. Went home then realized my pants had a RIP AT THE BUTT!!! OMGGGG i haven lost all my pregnancy weight I know but pants do u have to protest in such a way!!!! Walked around the whole of Orchard then I found  out~!!!! Super paisehhhhhh *hmph* 
Found this pic so cute coz I used Hello Kitty to distract baby while hubby rolled his eyes at me! Heehee. Got to go :) Update again xx 
ps r u guys ok with my short daily posts? Cutting down on sponsored posts cox no time to commit to datelines and also maybe coz with baby now, some companies dun really wanna work with me anymore. But its ok :) Thankful for those who still believe in me and those who still drop by the blog coz there's so many bigger n better bloggers out there now! Thank u v much.. I appreciate all tags n comments that u guys leave :))) 
Kisses n fatty pic for all of u!








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  1. love to read more abt more personal and baby posts rather than sponsored posts!

  2. Agree with Lei. Baby is so chubby and cute, pls share more personal and baby post. My baby boy is 9.5mths and would love to share experiences and reviews with you too.

  3. Hello Lei!
    Awww thank u :D I just feel abit dejected coz a beauty event recently rejected me when I rsvp-ed and ask permission to bring baby along. :(
    Hi Corrin,
    Thk u! Congrats on ur bb boy too hehe! Parenthood is indeed tiring but fullfilling. Just have to get used to blogging about bb instead of beauty now keke!

  4. no worries, i still wanna work with u! lol.
    u know i don't impose deadlines de ;-p

    ps: quick updates posts like this i like! very funny leh esp the pants got hole that one!

  5. Ahhahaha herine~!!! Yeah love love u xoxox muacks
    Ps kns laugh at my pants rip lolll 😭😭😭😭
    Ppss damn heart pain kena throw the pants aways somemore! Grrr

  6. Hi may I know where you got the hello kitty cover?

  7. Hello Anon,
    I got it from a recent baby fair (posted abt it recently in older posts)
    U can go to 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes in FB :)

  8. short post is better than no post! and yes, prefer personal posts too :)

  9. Hehe thanks for droppingby my dear Lady in waiting!!! Many bb pics for u! I know u like bb posts too! Yay! Kele!

  10. huh the pants can't be saved?!!

  11. Herines yeaaa cant save sad die me. Coz rip one long line down my ass area LOLOLL!!!


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