Personalized Gifts by Toddley Thoughts for Baby Elric

Monday, October 23, 2017

When I gave birth to my firstborn, I remember receiving 'standard' gifts like birds nest, chicken essence, DOM Benedict, even vouchers .. you know, the works. These hampers are really thoughtful and its such a lovely gesture to gift these to the new mummy but how about going the extra mile and getting the newborn a really memorable present instead? 
Personalized Gifts by Toddley Thoughts for Baby Elric
One of my most memorable gifts that I received for Baby Elric is from Toddley Thoughts!
When the family first saw it, we all went WAHHHHHHH
So pretty right?? 
Inside the BearloonSG balloon, was a set of personalized romper, chart and milestone cards for Elric!
Toddley Thoughts is a one-stop shop that does all these wonderful items that is specially made for your baby or for someone special 💓
These milestones cards are so cute and it comes in the set 
'Hello World! My name is Elric"
The romper is soft and comfy too, this is a size 3months so I think Elric can still grow into it alittle. He's about 1 week+ when we took these pictures.
Cuteness level 101
The Baby Boy Gift Set retails for $68 and is available here :
Quote 'ELRIC10' for 10% off all purchases ~
I really love their stuff, I find it super personal and such a wonderful and practical gift for all babies and kids! In fact, Im looking at the website right now just to see if I can buy more for the brothers! LOL dun wan the toddler to feel left out and maybe I can get them matching brother clothes! Wouldnt that be so cuteeeeee 😁
For more info, please head to :
Toddley Thoughts Website :
Toddley Thoughts Facebook Page :

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