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Monday, March 31, 2014

[Update] Hello everyone! Its been 5 days in wonderful Taipei and once again, Im really enjoying it here! Although it is slightly warm (and rainy) but still, food and shopping has been great so far! I love how friendly everyone here is, and how yummy street food can be. Had a nice Mala hotpot buffet lunch with free-flow (can you believe) Angus Beef, Pork , Taiwan Beer and Häagen-Dazs! Ate so much that I nearly can't move .. all for around 996NT (S$41) for two! And then headed straight to Partyworld for Happy Hour KTV! Loves.xo. Leaving u with my favorite.. most romantic ever song. 
Never fail to make me tear, loooor.
Back soon.
(Thanks BFF for reminding me of the song title. I suck in mandarin songs, I go KTV and sing english songs, wah lau. #truestory. Zzzzzzzzzz. But I love, love this song, Hope u like it too. If you dun understand, please dun ask me translate. My mandarin also half-past-six. sorry laaa.)
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  1. Hi,
    What's the name & address of the buffet restaurant?
    Can email me at
    Thanks in advance.


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